Automated releases are quickly becoming the new standard

The move to the cloud, the introduction of new AI technologies, and the evolution of DevOps practices are radically altering the software development landscape. As the speed of innovation increases and customers begin to expect more from software companies, releases need to be quick and as bug-free as possible.  Release automation is an area that … continue reading

SD Times Open Source Project of the week: Microsoft Dev Home

Microsoft Dev Home is a new control center for Windows that offers users a way to monitor projects in their dashboard using customizable widgets. It enables customers to track all of their workflows and coding tasks in one location.  Dev Home also allows customers to set up their dev environment by downloading apps, packages, or … continue reading

Gartner: CTOs who lack outcome-focused technology risk delayed disruption response

Recent Gartner research has revealed that by 2025, the 80% of CTOs who don’t have the correct tools in place to support business and customer needs or adapt to change will negatively impact their business response to disruption.  The research also showed that executive leaders are currently sharing unrealized dependencies that can help to meet … continue reading

Elasticsearch announces new relevance engine designed to bring AI innovation to enterprise data

Elastic, the company behind the distributed search and analytics engine Elasticsearch, recently unveiled Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (ESRE). The engine is backed by built-in vector search and transformer models to help bring AI innovation to proprietary enterprise data. ESRE offers organizations assistance with creating secure deployments so they can access the full value of their proprietary … continue reading

Tidelift has been awarded a $3.5 million contract to secure software supply chains

Security and resilience solution provider Tidelift has announced that it has been awarded three contracts with the U.S. government, equalling over $3.5 million. With this, the company intends to expand its public sector organization to meet the growing demand for improved cybersecurity supply chain risk management from the U.S. government.  According to Tidelift, this effort … continue reading

Microsoft Build 2023 brings expansions to the AI ecosystem, new plugin capabilities with Microsoft’s Copilot ecosystem, and more

Microsoft Build 2023, the annual conference aimed at engineers and developers using Windows, Microsoft Azure, and other Microsoft technologies, kicked off this morning and there have been several announcements made. An expansion of the AI plugin ecosystem Microsoft’s Copilot ecosystem has been expanded to include Copilot in Power BI and Copilot in Power Pages in … continue reading

GitLab 16 offers new AI-powered DevSecOps platform

GitLab today unveiled its newest major release, GitLab 16. This brings users new DevSecOps platform-wide capabilities as well as multiple features that the company is planning to rollout throughout the year. This release provides an enterprise-grade, AI-powered DevSecOps platform with features geared at helping customers write better code faster. Users also gain security testing and … continue reading

Strata Identity’s latest version of the Maverics platform unifies identity management

Identity orchestration company Strata Identity today announced the most recent version of the Maverics platform to allow users to unify identity orchestration capabilities between legacy on-premise tools, modern cloud, and multi-vendor environments without rewriting applications.  Maverics enables businesses to create a vendor-agnostic identity fabric via a visual management interface intended to support any identity provider … continue reading

New Confluent Cloud capabilities simplify data management

Data streaming company Confluent today announced new features being added to Confluent Cloud geared at ensuring data is trustworthy, easily processed, and securely shared.  Among these features is an extension of the Stream Governance suite, Data Quality Rules. With this, users can remediate any data quality issues so that their data can be relied on … continue reading

Are CI/CD pipelines bursting at the seams?

In the last few years, the CI/CD pipeline has undergone an evolution. As more development processes are shifted left, and additional tasks get pushed into the pipeline, the limits of how much it can handle have been tested.  With the need to continuously integrate that comes along with modern application development, the pipeline has had … continue reading

Cursor AI assistant is trained to answer questions about Cloudflare’s Developer Platform

The web performance and security company Cloudflare today unveiled its new experimental AI assistant, Cursor. The company stated that the assistant is trained to answer questions about Cloudflare’s Developer Platform and acts as the first step in Cloudflare’s AI journey.  When asked a question, Cursor responds with two different pieces of information: a text response … continue reading

Julia 1.9 delivers native code caching

Following three beta releases and three release candidates, version 1.9 of the Julia programming language has been released. This brings a number of updates, including the ability to cache native code, package extensions, and heap snapshots. With the introduction of native code caching, package authors can now utilize precompile statements or workloads with PrecompileTools in … continue reading

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