Cloudflare announces privacy preserving alternative to CAPTCHA

The security, performance, and reliability company, Cloudflare, today introduces Turnstile, an easy to use and private replacement for CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). With this, any site can choose to replace CAPTCHA through an API, regardless of whether or not they are a customer of Cloudflare.  According to … continue reading

Kong announces performance, security, and extensibility platform updates

At today’s fifth annual Kong Summit 2022 conference, the cloud natuve API organization, Kong, unveiled several new performance, security, and extensibility capabilities across the entirety of its product portfolio. Among these updates are major new releases of Kong Gateway, Kong Konnect, Kong Mesh, Kong Insomnia, and Kong Ingress Controller, and multiple new projects from the … continue reading

BellSoft introduces Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform and Alpaquita Linux

BellSoft, creator of progressive Java runtime for a complete Java experience, Liberica JDK, and an OpenJDK contributor, today announced the release of BellSoft Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform and Alpaquita Linux.  The company stated that these offerings are intended to address the growing demand for more efficient, secure, and supported Java software that performs well as … continue reading

Google announces PerfKit Benchmarker’s support of Dataflow jobs

The team at Google has recently announced that PerfKit Benchmarker (PKB), the open-source benchmarking tool used to measure and compare cloud offerings, now supports testing Dataflow jobs.  According to Google, Dataflow is a managed service for executing a wide variety of data processing patterns. Released in 2015, PKB provisions and cleans up resources in the … continue reading

Data parsing: An essential part of data processing

Data parsing is the process of converting data from one format to another with the intention of simplifying it and making it more comprehendible.  Parsing is a technical capability that, according to Gartner analyst Jason Medd, can be broken down into three categories in the context of data management. The first is data set level … continue reading

Vonage introduces AI Studio for creating customer engagement solutions

Vonage, the cloud communications company, today announced Vonage AI Studio, a low code/no code tool for designing, creating, and deploying customer engagement solutions that operate in natural language using AI.  According to the company, Vonage AI Studio helps to improve customer engagement through personalized and automated interactions across voice, SMS, and messaging apps such as … continue reading

Octopus Deploy announces ServiceNow integration and DORA metrics reporting

The deployment automation company, Octopus Deploy, today announced a ServiceNow Change Management integration and early access to its DevOps insights for DORA metrics. Both of these enhancements are intended to assist enterprise teams in improving DevOps outcomes. These capabilities help enterprise DevOps teams deploy software by eliminating error-prone manual processes that come with software change … continue reading

ThreatModeler 6.0 now available with features to simplify threat modeling for developers

The threat modeling and security cloud infrastructure company, ThreatModeler, has announced the general availability of ThreatModeler 6.0. This release offers users multiple new capabilities intended to improve the threat modeling process for both security and DevOps teams. With this update comes a complete redesign of the platform’s interface, workflows, model building, and reporting based on … continue reading

Rust establishes new security team

The Rust Foundation, the nonprofit organization for the Rust programming language, today announced that it will be establishing a dedicated security team, underwritten by the OpenSSF’s Alpha-Omega Initiative as well as the foundation’s newest platinum member, JFrog.  “There’s often a misperception that because Rust ensures memory safety that it’s one hundred percent secure, but Rust … continue reading

PyTorch joins the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit, open-source organization, today unveiled that PyTorch is transitioning away from Meta and joining the foundation where it will exist under the newly-formed PyTorch Foundation.  According to the PyTorch maintainers, since its inception back in 2016, the PyTorch machine learning framework has been adopted by over 2,400 contributors and 18,000 organizations … continue reading

LaunchDarkly summer update includes improved way for running experiments

The feature flag management company LaunchDarkly today released its summer 2022 release roundup that highlights the key updates the company has made in the last few months. Among these is an improved way to run experiments, new templates for repeatable Workflows, new integrations, and quicker approvals. Back in June, LaunchDarkly released the new LaunchDarkly Experimentation, … continue reading

Sephora becomes the first company fined for violating CCPA

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has announced a settlement with the beauty brand Sephora over allegations that the company has violated California’s landmark privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). According to Bonta, it was determined after an enforcement sweep that Sephora failed to disclose to customers that the company was selling their personal … continue reading

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