Microsoft Dev Home is a new control center for Windows that offers users a way to monitor projects in their dashboard using customizable widgets. It enables customers to track all of their workflows and coding tasks in one location. 

Dev Home also allows customers to set up their dev environment by downloading apps, packages, or repositories; connect to develop accounts and tools; and create a Dev Drive for storage all in one place. 

The centralized dashboard with customizable widgets helps to monitor workflows and track dev projects, coding tasks, GitHub issues, pull requests, available SSH connections, and system CPU, GPU, Memory, and Network Performance. 

This open-source project also provides a machine configuration tool intended to assist with the setup of a development environment on a new device or the onboarding of a new development project.

According to the GitHub page, the machine configuration tool offers a list of popular applications when choosing apps to install. The list is hard-coded and includes apps that have been popular with developers on Windows. 

Additionally, with Dev Home extensions, users can set up widgets that show information specific to the developer, and create and share their own custom-built extensions. 

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