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Microsoft opens AI Hub in London

Microsoft has announced it is creating a new location in London for AI research. This follows the company’s announcement that it had created a new division in the company called Microsoft AI that is focused on building out its commercial AI offerings, such as Copilot. The new location will focus on innovating on large language … continue reading

March 2024: People on the Move

A number of companies have announced major changes to their executive leadership this month. Here are a couple of the moves across the industry this past month.  Couchbase names Julie Irish as new chief information officer As chief information officer, she will be responsible for driving the company’s global IT strategy, bringing with her almost … continue reading

Microsoft releases set of UI components to easily add AI to existing applications

Microsoft is trying to make it easier to incorporate AI features into their existing applications, with the release of .NET Smart Components, a suite of AI UI components that can be added into .NET apps. There are three components being released: Smart Paste, Smart TextArea, and Smart ComboBox. Smart Paste fills out forms using whatever … continue reading

TypeScript 5.4 adds NoInfer utility type

Microsoft just announced that TypeScript 5.4 is now available. TypeScript is an extension to JavaScript that adds static types to the language, and it was created and is maintained by Microsoft. TypeScript 5.4 introduces features like the NoInfer utility type, the ability to preserve type refinements for closures that were created past the last assignment, … continue reading

Microsoft announces principles for dealing with threat actors who are using AI

OpenAI and Microsoft have published findings on the emerging threats in the rapidly evolving domain of AI showing that threat actors are incorporating AI technologies into their arsenal, treating AI as a tool to enhance their productivity in conducting offensive operations.  They have also announced principles shaping Microsoft’s policy and actions mitigating the risks associated … continue reading

Microsoft reveals what’s to come in .NET 9

Microsoft released .NET 8 a couple of months ago, and even though .NET 9 isn’t expected to be available until the end of this year, the company is sharing some insight into what it has planned for this upcoming release. In addition to releasing the roadmap, the company also announced that the first preview of … continue reading

OpenSilver 2.1 adds support for F#

OpenSilver, which is an open-source project designed to replace the defunct Microsoft Silverlight framework, has announced the availability of its new 2.1 release.  According to the project’s maintainers, this update is a significant one for the platform. It adds support for F#, which is an open-source programming language that offers advantages that enable developers to … continue reading

Windows Terminal Preview 1.20 introduces many visual updates for better ease-of-use

Microsoft has unveiled the new preview of Windows Terminal, version 1.20. With the next preview version now available, the company has also updated the stable version to 1.19.  The new preview introduces many new features, one of which is that the Microsoft Store now won’t update Windows Terminal while it’s being used. This enables developers … continue reading

Microsoft announces Copilot Pro to bring the most advanced features through subscription

Microsoft announced Copilot Pro as a new subscription service that offers an upgrade for individual users seeking advanced AI capabilities.  This service is tailored for power users and creators, offering a heightened level of service that leverages the latest advancements in AI technology, according to the company in a blog post.  Copilot Pro brings a … continue reading

Is .NET MAUI the right Xamarin successor for you?

As most know, Xamarin is approaching its end of life on May 1, 2024. This critical milestone has prompted many developers and organizations to evaluate their options for upgrading from the cross-platform mobile app development framework to its successor, .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI), or taking this opportunity to explore alternative frameworks such as Flutter … continue reading

Year in Review: Security

As we bid farewell to another year, it is crucial to reflect on the threats of cyberattacks and ransomware and think of how to mitigate them moving forward. However, this year feels a bit different – marked by the unknown of what challenges AI will bring to the security landscape in the new year.  This … continue reading

Microsoft releases second preview of Visual Studio 17.9

Microsoft announced Visual Studio 17.9 Preview 2, which includes improvements to the C++ and .NET MAUI development experiences.  Users can now highlight a piece of code and automatically surround that selection with bracket delimiters, such as “double quotes”, ‘single quotes’, and (parentheses), whereas previously they had to manually input both sides. To enable or disable … continue reading

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