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TypeScript 4.7 beta now available

Microsoft announced the launch of the TypeScript 4.7 beta which includes ECMAScript Module Support in Node.js, control over module detection, control-flow analysis for computed properties, and more.  In TypeScript 4.5, Microsoft added nightly-only support for ESM in Node.js to get some feedback from users and let library authors ready themselves for broader support. TypeScript 4.7 … continue reading

Microsoft encourages early conversations on how to secure metaverse

The metaverse has been one of the industry’s latest buzzwords over the past few months, but recognizing the need to figure out metaverse security early on, Microsoft has released some guidelines.  The company compared this stage of the metaverse to the early days of the web. The web made it easy for anyone to set … continue reading

Microsoft releases TypeScript 4.6

Microsoft has released the latest version of TypeScript, its language that builds on JavaScript and adds syntax for type. With TypeScript 4.6, users gain several new features. Since the Release Candidate, the team at Microsoft has also worked to do some internal refactoring which has fixed certain issues, corrected a few error messages, and improved … continue reading

Microsoft contributes features to Flutter for foldable devices

Microsoft has made some announcements regarding its support for developing for foldable devices with Flutter. MediaQuery now has Display Features, which are parts of the display that can be obstructed by hardware features, such as the hinge on the Surface Duo.  When users switch over to the master channel on their local Flutter setup, they … continue reading

Microsoft gives sneak peek at C# 11 features in latest Visual Studio update

In Microsoft’s Visual Studio 17.1, users will get a sneak peek at features coming to C# 11. These features will also be available in .NET SDK 6.0.200.  A feature available in early preview is parameter null checking, which verifies at runtime if a null has been passed to code. This is separate from Nullable Reference … continue reading

.NET 7 Preview 1 marks first step forward toward future of platform

Microsoft has announced the next major milestone for the .NET platform with the release of the first preview of .NET 7. The language recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and according to Microsoft, this release “marks the first step forward towards the next 20 years of .NET.” This release will build off foundations laid in .NET … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Microsoft announces Foldable Navigation component; Creatio’s Atlas 8; Voltron Data launches with Series A funding

Recently, the team at Microsoft announced the release of its newest SDK component, Foldable Navigation Component, which can be used to develop apps optimized for foldable screens. This comes as an extension of JetPack Foldable Navigation Component and is now available for foldable devices. With this, the display will be split into two sections (physical … continue reading

SD Times news digest: .NET Framework Security and Quality update; Support ending for older versions of Visual Studio; Elastic 8.0 released

This week, Microsoft released the February 2022 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework. This release does not contain any security improvements. For the most recent security updates, see here. With this, several reliability and quality improvement have been made, including: CLR: Addresses rare crashes and hangs that can appear in cases where GC occurs … continue reading

SD Times news digest: SharePoint Framework 1.14 Release Candidate; Salt Security raises $140 million in Series D; Datadog completes acquisition of CoScreen

The availability of the SharePoint Framework 1.14 Release Candidate brings users updates for Viva Connections, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online experiences. The general availability of SharePoint Framework 1.14 is set for mid-February with no planned adjustments.  Microsoft encourages users to submit any feedback on the Release Candidate using the  sp-dev-docs issue list. Key features of … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Vue 3 as new default; Panaya Test Dynamix updates; Microsoft adds new features to Copy Dashboard preview

The team at the JavaScript library Vue.js yesterday announced that Vue 3 is the new default version. To see what changes need to happen before switching to Vue 3, see the Potential Required Actions.  With this change, several aspects of Vue have been revamped, such as: More ergonomic Composition API syntax via <script setup> Improved … continue reading

Azure focuses on feature abundance and integrations to become the all-inclusive cloud experience

Microsoft Azure has been showing faster growth than any other cloud provider over the last few years, and its vast ecosystem of partnerships and integrations continually make it an appealing platform for existing and prospective customers.  The platform currently stands as the second largest cloud offering in the world with 21% market share, following AWS’s … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google updates differential privacy library; Foldable SDK updates with Jetpack Window Manager; ChaosNative announces enterprise chaos engineering tool

In honor of Data Privacy Day, today Google shared updates on its effort to create free tools geared towards helping the developer community build and launch new applications for differential privacy.  In partnership with OpenMinded, an organization of open-source developers, Google achieved a new milestone with its differential privacy framework. This product enables any Python … continue reading

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