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Microsoft Learn launches generative AI course for entrepreneurs

Microsoft revealed the addition of a new series, “Generative AI for Innovators,” to the AI Kick-off Projects collection, which is a collection of projects that use AI that students can learn from.  This series is designed for aspiring AI entrepreneurs, providing them with guidance on utilizing the capabilities of AI, including tools like GPT-4 and … continue reading

Microsoft unveils upcoming Copilot features

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced it would be bringing together several of its separate AI products —  including Bing Chat and the AI capabilities in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Windows — under the single umbrella of Microsoft Copilot to provide a more unified experience.  Now the company is announcing it has started … continue reading

Microsoft releases Sharepoint Embedded for developing headless, API-only content apps

Microsoft released SharePoint Embedded into public preview to provide a new method for constructing custom content applications for enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs).  This feature allows the development of headless, API-only content apps that can integrate various management functionalities such as collaboration, security, and compliance into any application. These apps store content within an … continue reading

Microsoft releases Orca 2 to teach small language models how to reason

Orca 2 was released by Microsoft to explore the capabilities of smaller language models (LMs) with around 10 billion parameters or less.  The model demonstrates that improved training signals and methods can enhance the reasoning abilities of smaller LMs to make them more on par with larger models.  Compared to similar-sized models, including the original … continue reading

Sam Altman returns to OpenAI as CEO, board to be replaced

Sam Altman and Greg Brockman have announced their return to OpenAI. Last Friday, the company’s board had unexpectedly fired Altman, and co-founder and president Brockman resigned upon learning the news. The two had been announced to be forming a new team at Microsoft, a company that has heavily invested in OpenAI.  “i love openai, and … continue reading

Industry responds to OpenAI’s leadership changes and what it could mean for future of AI

OpenAI has caused quite the stir over the weekend. On Friday, the board of directors fired CEO Sam Altman, leading to a cascade of events, including OpenAI trying to rehire him, co-founder and president Greg Brockman also resigning, Altman and Brockman joining Microsoft to lead up a new AI research team there, and over 500 … continue reading

Sam Altman, Greg Brockman join new AI research team at Microsoft; OpenAI names another interim CEO; OpenAI staff sign letter calling for board to resign

The OpenAI board of directors made headlines on Friday when it suddenly removed Sam Altman, the CEO of the company, from his position. Over the weekend, there were several events that happened following the announcements.  Board tries to get Altman back immediately Following the announcement of his removal, the OpenAI board very quickly started trying … continue reading

Microsoft open sources Terminal Chat to enable community collaboration on AI chat feature

Microsoft announced that it is open-sourcing Terminal Chat and invites developers from the open-source community to engage with and contribute to the development of AI within a terminal application. This move aligns with the team’s desire to let users and developers shape the future of AI in the Windows Terminal, fostering a collaborative environment for … continue reading

Microsoft Ignite brings 100+ updates across Copilot, Azure AI, and more

Yesterday, to kick off Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced over 100 new features and products designed to help companies on their AI journeys. Earlier this year, the company announced Copilot for Microsoft 365, and at Ignite the company announced some results of a survey it did on use of the tool. Seventy percent of respondents said … continue reading

.NET 8 arrives with new features for building intelligent apps

Microsoft is hosting its annual .NET Conf today through Thursday, and the company has kicked off the event by announcing that .NET 8 is now generally available. “With this release, .NET reshapes the way we build intelligent, cloud-native, applications and high-traffic services that scale on demand,” Gaurav Seth, partner director of product for developer platforms … continue reading

Microsoft’s Secure Future Initiative promises to address emerging and evolving security landscape

In response to the “increasing speed, scale, and sophistication of cyberattacks,” Microsoft has announced its Secure Future Initiative.  “The past year has brought to the world an almost unparalleled and diverse array of technological change,” Brad Smith, vice chair and president of Microsoft, wrote in a blog post.  “Advances in artificial intelligence are accelerating innovation … continue reading

Uno Platform 5.0 promises “5X productivity” improvement

The team behind the open-source Uno Platform has announced the release of Uno Platform 5.0, which it says includes several updates for productivity. “Five is for 5X productivity,” the release blog post is titled. The Uno Platform is a platform for building multi-platform .NET apps from a single codebase.  In the 5.0 release, support for … continue reading Protection Status