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Microsoft reveals Copilot pricing at Microsoft Inspire

At Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s annual event where it highlights what it has achieved with different partners, the company made several announcements related to AI.  First, it announced pricing for its upcoming Microsoft 365 Copilot offering. The feature will cost $30 per user per month, on top of normal Microsoft 365 pricing.  “While some generative AI … continue reading

.NET MAUI comes to Visual Studio in .NET 8 Preview 6

Microsoft released the sixth preview of .NET 8, and one of the major announcements is that .NET MAUI can now be accessed in Visual Studio Code through a new extension. “Today, we’re excited to announce the first preview of the .NET MAUI extension, which, paired with C# Dev Kit, gives you the tools you need … continue reading

Microsoft unveils fall roadmap for Semantic Kernel

Earlier this year, Microsoft released Semantic Kernel, which is an open-source SDK that allows developers to mix large language models (LLMs) with conventional programming languages.  Now the company has unveiled its roadmap for the project up through this fall. “Our focus is on delivering key developments and enhancements across three pillars: open source and trustworthiness, … continue reading

Developers will soon be able to call .NET Framework code in Microsoft’s Azure Logic Apps

Microsoft is about to make it possible to call .NET Framework code from workflows in Azure Logic Apps, a low-code iPaaS solution for creating and running automated workflows.  Currently in preview, the new functionality will give developers flexibility and control in solving integration problems without having to add additional service plans into their environment.  According … continue reading

Eclipse Foundation announces Open VSX Working Group

The Eclipse Foundation revealed the establishment of the Open VSX Working Group. This new group’s mandate is to supervise and expedite the adoption of the Open VSX Registry, a vendor-neutral, community-backed alternative to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Marketplace. Derived from the Eclipse Open VSX open-source initiative, the Open VSX Registry presently houses close to 3,000 extensions … continue reading

Snowflake and Microsoft expand their partnership to AI, low-code, data governance

Snowflake revealed an expanded partnership with Microsoft. The collaboration will facilitate the integration of new products in areas such as AI, low code/no code application development, and data governance.  The partnership aims to enhance joint go-to-market strategies and improve field collaboration, enabling both companies to offer their joint solutions directly to customers. As part of … continue reading

Microsoft releases Fluent 2 to enable more creativity in design

Microsoft has unveiled the latest evolution of its design system, Fluent. Fluent 2 includes changes that aim to enable better collaboration and creativity.  “We improved on the solid foundations from Fluent 1 and injected innovative additions. All to empower makers at every angle of the system to drive toward a single purpose. That purpose? One … continue reading

SD Times Open Source Project of the week: Microsoft Dev Home

Microsoft Dev Home is a new control center for Windows that offers users a way to monitor projects in their dashboard using customizable widgets. It enables customers to track all of their workflows and coding tasks in one location.  Dev Home also allows customers to set up their dev environment by downloading apps, packages, or … continue reading

Microsoft Build: Windows Terminal Preview 1.18, Azure Developer CLI, new Azure Cosmos DB features, and more.

Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Microsoft Build, kicked off yesterday, and as a result, the company has been making a lot of updates to its developer offerings.  Windows Terminal Preview 1.18 was released, which means Windows Terminal has now been updated to version 1.17. This release includes the addition of Tab Tearout, which allows you to … continue reading

Microsoft Build 2023 brings expansions to the AI ecosystem, new plugin capabilities with Microsoft’s Copilot ecosystem, and more

Microsoft Build 2023, the annual conference aimed at engineers and developers using Windows, Microsoft Azure, and other Microsoft technologies, kicked off this morning and there have been several announcements made. An expansion of the AI plugin ecosystem Microsoft’s Copilot ecosystem has been expanded to include Copilot in Power BI and Copilot in Power Pages in … continue reading

Microsoft shares release candidate for TypeScript 5.1

Microsoft is nearing the release of TypeScript 5.1, and before the final release has launched the release candidate. The company says that no new features or changes will be made between this and the final release.  In TypeScript 5.1 functions that return “undefined” will no longer be required to have a return statement. Previously the … continue reading

Microsoft delivers several developer experience enhancements in Visual Studio 2022 17.6

Microsoft has announced the availability of the latest release of Visual Studio 2022. Version 17.6 includes updates aimed at developer productivity, developer experience, and tailors to both experienced and new developers.  “This latest release delivers a range of powerful tools and features designed to empower you in crafting cutting-edge applications and experiences. The user-friendly environment, … continue reading Protection Status