Microsoft announced Copilot Pro as a new subscription service that offers an upgrade for individual users seeking advanced AI capabilities. 

This service is tailored for power users and creators, offering a heightened level of service that leverages the latest advancements in AI technology, according to the company in a blog post

Copilot Pro brings a new level of convenience and efficiency. It offers access to Copilot functionalities within popular Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. This integration, available on PC, Mac, and iPad, enables users to leverage AI assistance directly within their everyday productivity tools. This feature is particularly beneficial for enhancing work efficiency, automating routine tasks, and offering intelligent suggestions based on user interaction with these applications.

The new offering provides an integrated AI experience that understands the user’s context, whether they are browsing the web, working on a PC, or using various apps. 

A standout feature of Copilot Pro is its priority access to the latest AI models, notably OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo. Subscribers can enjoy faster performance during peak times, a critical advantage for those requiring quick, efficient AI assistance. Additionally, Microsoft plans to introduce the ability for users to toggle between different AI models, allowing for a more tailored and optimized experience. 

Also, with the enhanced Image Creator tool from Designer, formerly known as Bing Image Creator, users can expect not only faster image generation with 100 boosts per day but also higher quality outputs, including detailed landscape images. The upcoming Copilot GPT Builder feature enables users to construct their own customized Copilot GPTs tailored to specific topics using simple prompts. 

Microsoft explained that this move demonstrates its commitment to integrating AI more deeply into its suite of productivity tools, offering users new ways to streamline and enhance their digital interactions. Copilot Pro will cost $20 per user per month.

In addition to the launch of Copilot Pro, Microsoft is extending Copilot’s AI functionalities to small businesses through the Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Business Standard plans, enabling companies of all sizes to now use it. Previously there was a 300-seat purchase minimum, which prevented smaller companies from using the service.  

According to Microsoft, this expansion underscores Microsoft’s efforts to democratize access to advanced AI tools across various business sectors, empowering companies with cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency and innovation. 

Microsoft also announced new features in Copilot, such as the ability to customize Copilots to suit specific needs, the general availability of the Copilot app for both iOS and Android, and it is starting to roll out Copilot in the Microsoft 365 app over the next month.