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GitHub Copilot Workspace provides developers a full step-by-step plan for creating features, applications

GitHub has released a technical preview for a new Copilot-based platform designed to help out across all steps of the development life cycle, from planning to building to testing.  “Copilot Workspace represents a radically new way of building software with natural language, and is expressly designed to deliver–not replace–developer creativity, faster and easier than ever … continue reading

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is generally available

GitHub is making it even easier for developers to leverage Copilot in a professional capacity with the general availability of GitHub Copilot Enterprise, starting at $39 per user per month. GitHub Copilot Enterprise is a version of GitHub Copilot that integrates into an organization’s knowledge bases so that it can provide more relevant and specific … continue reading

Microsoft announces Copilot Pro to bring the most advanced features through subscription

Microsoft announced Copilot Pro as a new subscription service that offers an upgrade for individual users seeking advanced AI capabilities.  This service is tailored for power users and creators, offering a heightened level of service that leverages the latest advancements in AI technology, according to the company in a blog post.  Copilot Pro brings a … continue reading

GitHub Copilot has a confidence problem

The progress that has been made in generative AI (GenAI) technology is nothing short of astounding, and yet, not without its flaws. But these flaws aren’t surprising when you consider that these artificial neural networks are modeled after something equally as impressive and flawed: human intelligence. As such, GenAI falls victim to many of the … continue reading

Microsoft unveils upcoming Copilot features

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced it would be bringing together several of its separate AI products —  including Bing Chat and the AI capabilities in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Windows — under the single umbrella of Microsoft Copilot to provide a more unified experience.  Now the company is announcing it has started … continue reading

Microsoft Ignite brings 100+ updates across Copilot, Azure AI, and more

Yesterday, to kick off Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced over 100 new features and products designed to help companies on their AI journeys. Earlier this year, the company announced Copilot for Microsoft 365, and at Ignite the company announced some results of a survey it did on use of the tool. Seventy percent of respondents said … continue reading

Microsoft Copilot will embed AI assistance across entire Windows 11 ecosystem

Microsoft is announcing Microsoft Copilot, a general AI copilot that will work across the entire Windows platform. Previously the company has released other AI copilots, such as the new AI-powered search in Bing, and Microsoft 365 Copilot, which works across Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. “Today we take the next … continue reading

GitHub expands Copilot Chat beta to Copilot for Individuals users

GitHub is expanding the beta of its Copilot Chat to all GitHub Copilot for Individuals users. Previously, only GitHub Copilot for Business users could access the beta of this new feature. This means that GitHub users can now take advantage of the beta on their personal GitHub accounts if they are paying for the Copilot … continue reading

Advanced AI assistant Planview Copilot launched

Project management company Planview has unveiled Planview Copilot, an advanced AI assistant designed for connected work, during its annual event, Planview Accelerate.  This AI assistant, trained using a comprehensive dataset, provides operational insights in Portfolio Management, Value Stream Management, and Agile Planning and Delivery. It aims to expedite data-driven strategic decision-making through a conversational interface. … continue reading

GitHub Copilot Chat enters beta

A few months ago GitHub revealed GitHub Copilot X, which is a major upgrade to Copilot that adds chat and voice capabilities, as well as brings the tool to other areas of development, like the command line, pull requests, and docs.   Now the company has officially launched a beta for the new chat functionality for … continue reading

Microsoft reveals Copilot pricing at Microsoft Inspire

At Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s annual event where it highlights what it has achieved with different partners, the company made several announcements related to AI.  First, it announced pricing for its upcoming Microsoft 365 Copilot offering. The feature will cost $30 per user per month, on top of normal Microsoft 365 pricing.  “While some generative AI … continue reading

Microsoft’s new open-source project makes it easy to build generative AI into your applications

Over the past several months, companies have been feeling the pressure to incorporate generative AI into their applications, as users come to expect this sort of functionality in their tools.  Now, Microsoft is making it easier for companies to do so with the release of Semantic Kernel’s Copilot Chat sample app. Developers can use the … continue reading Protection Status