GitHub has released a technical preview for a new Copilot-based platform designed to help out across all steps of the development life cycle, from planning to building to testing. 

“Copilot Workspace represents a radically new way of building software with natural language, and is expressly designed to deliver–not replace–developer creativity, faster and easier than ever before. With Copilot Workspace we will empower more experienced developers to operate as systems thinkers, and materially lower the barrier of entry for who can build software,” GitHub wrote in a blog post

GitHub Copilot Workspace leverages a task-centric experience for starting big projects, tackling feature requests, or resolving bug reports. It comes up with a step-by-step list of what tasks developers need to complete to achieve their goals.

The process can be started from a GitHub repository or a GitHub Issue, and it creates the plan based on its understanding of the codebase, existing issue replies, and more, GitHub explained. 

Developers can edit the plan that Copilot Workspace presents, allowing them to continue iterating even after they’ve started the process.

“You retain all of the autonomy, while Copilot Workspace lifts your cognitive strain,” GitHub wrote. 

Copilot Workspace is designed to work on any device, even mobile, enabling developers to work on their ideas from anywhere.