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GitHub announces new updates to improve supply chain security

GitHub has released two updates designed to help secure software supply chains. The company announced a public beta of Artifact Attestations for GitHub Actions, which makes it easier for companies to verify where software components came from, and announced that Dependabot can now be run as a GitHub Actions workflow.  Artifact Attestation allows maintainers of … continue reading

GitHub Copilot Workspace provides developers a full step-by-step plan for creating features, applications

GitHub has released a technical preview for a new Copilot-based platform designed to help out across all steps of the development life cycle, from planning to building to testing.  “Copilot Workspace represents a radically new way of building software with natural language, and is expressly designed to deliver–not replace–developer creativity, faster and easier than ever … continue reading

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is generally available

GitHub is making it even easier for developers to leverage Copilot in a professional capacity with the general availability of GitHub Copilot Enterprise, starting at $39 per user per month. GitHub Copilot Enterprise is a version of GitHub Copilot that integrates into an organization’s knowledge bases so that it can provide more relevant and specific … continue reading

GitHub Copilot has a confidence problem

The progress that has been made in generative AI (GenAI) technology is nothing short of astounding, and yet, not without its flaws. But these flaws aren’t surprising when you consider that these artificial neural networks are modeled after something equally as impressive and flawed: human intelligence. As such, GenAI falls victim to many of the … continue reading

Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 introduces new integrations for on-prem teams

Zenhub has introduced the latest version of its project management solution. Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 includes features that are tailored for businesses that need to store essential data on-site instead of in the cloud.  Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 offers various productivity-enhancing integrations and a new platform experience, eliminating the requirement for users to possess a GitHub account … continue reading

GitHub expands Copilot Chat beta to Copilot for Individuals users

GitHub is expanding the beta of its Copilot Chat to all GitHub Copilot for Individuals users. Previously, only GitHub Copilot for Business users could access the beta of this new feature. This means that GitHub users can now take advantage of the beta on their personal GitHub accounts if they are paying for the Copilot … continue reading

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.1 released with enhanced security capabilities

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.10 was released, offering organizations improved control over repositories for developers and administrators. The update includes enhanced security and compliance measures, emphasizing a strong focus on secure development practices. The release includes enhanced deployment safety through custom rules for GitHub Actions, easier vulnerability identification with improved code scanning setup, fine-grained control over … continue reading

GitHub Copilot private beta version gets enhanced filter

GitHub introduced a private beta version of GitHub Copilot with an enhanced filter. This filter identifies and presents contextual code suggestions related to public code on GitHub.  With the filter activated, GitHub Copilot assesses code suggestions alongside approximately 150 characters of neighboring code. It then cross-references these suggestions with an index of all public code … continue reading

GitHub Copilot Chat enters beta

A few months ago GitHub revealed GitHub Copilot X, which is a major upgrade to Copilot that adds chat and voice capabilities, as well as brings the tool to other areas of development, like the command line, pull requests, and docs.   Now the company has officially launched a beta for the new chat functionality for … continue reading

GitHub merge queue now available

GitHub’s merge queue aims to end congestion on a team’s most active branches. According to the company, by enabling merge queue, the need to hurry and merge pull requests before others do is no longer a concern. This feature is now generally available and is accessible to any team that is part of a managed … continue reading

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9 released with several enhancements to GitHub Projects

GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) 3.9 is now available with more features that can help organizations collaborate better, gain better observability, and have faster workflows.  Among its highlights are a new time-based view in GitHub Projects, as well as the ability to standardize issues with tools such as issue forms.  GitHub Projects has been enhanced with … continue reading

GitHub launches new code search and code view

GitHub released its new code search and code view to enable developers to quickly search, navigate and understand their code, and put critical information into context. The new code search engine has been remodeled to be two times faster than the old one and has more capabilities such as supporting substring queries, regular expressions, and … continue reading

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