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SD Times news digest: Algorithmia report reveals companies plan to increase AI/ML spending, new Google Play Console on November 2nd, and PostgreSQL 13

A survey by Algorithmia found that a majority of IT leaders are planning to increase their AI/ML initiatives as a result of the pandemic, and realize that those initiatives should have been a higher priority for their organizations all along.  While 54% of IT leaders responded that their AI/ML projects were focused on financial analysis … continue reading

SD Times news digest: GitHub CLI 1.0 released, Google updates Coral accelerator, and Open Mainframe Project launches four new projects

GitHub CLI 1.0 reduces context switching and helps developers more easily script and create their workflows. With GitHub CLI 1.0, users can run their entire GitHub workflow from their terminal, call the GitHub API to script nearly action and connect to GitHub Enterprise in addition to Additional details on the new release are available … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Perforce releases Helix TeamHub Command-Line Client, GitHub integrates with Microsoft Teams, and Visual Studio Code 1.49 released

The Helix Command-Line client (hth-cli) enables developers to execute Git commands across repositories to gain speed.  Users can now run commands such as sync, checkout, status, diff, and commit across an entire project. hth-cli also enables multirepo code reviews when used with Helix4Git, allowing developers to review multiple changes at once and merge them atomically. … continue reading

SD Times news digest: The GitHub Container Registry, AWS Bottlerocket, and Postman’s web client for API development

GitHub has introduced a new container registry to improve how it handles containers within packages. The registry is available as a public beta, and will enable users to enforce better access policies, encourage the usage of standard base images, and promote innersourcing.  “While GitHub Packages already gives teams greater traceability of their software supply chain, … continue reading

OverOps enables developers to own errors with git blame support

OverOps is launching a new integration with GitLab and GitHub that provides support for git blame, which ties developers to their errors. According to OverOps, this will help reduce resolution time of errors. The integration allows teams to see who was the last author who changed code in the call stack of each error, link … continue reading

SD Times news digest: GitHub Actions improvements, Django 3.1 released, and Flutter’s web support

GitHub Actions shipped a series of features designed to improve workflows when working with PRs from repository forks.  Because all pull request workflows raised from repository forks have a read-only token and no access to secrets, common workflows like labeling or commenting have become difficult, according to GitHub.  That’s why the company created a new … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: GitHub’s OpenAPI Description

This week’s highlighted open-source project of the week is GitHub’s OpenAPI description for its REST API. The company open sourced the description earlier this week. The OpenAPI specification is a standard for describing the interface of HTTP APIs, allowing both humans and machines to understand what an API does without having to read the documentation … continue reading

GitHub provides more visibility into upcoming releases with public roadmap

GitHub wants to it easier for its users to anticipate and plan around new features. The GitHub public roadmap will allow GitHub to clearly communicate what it is working on, while giving users a way to plan for new releases. On the roadmap there are several boards, each pertaining to a particular upcoming release. Items … continue reading

GitHub Super Linter built to maintain consistency in documentation and code

GitHub is introducing a new linter that can handle all types of code. The GitHub Super Linter was built by the GitHub services team to maintain consistency in GitHub’s documentation and code while making communication and collaboration across the company a more productive experience. The Super Linter prevents broken code from being uploaded to master … continue reading

GitHub Actions introduces ability to share runners within organizations

In late 2019, GitHub introduced GitHub Actions, which gave developers the ability to automate workflows straight from GitHub. Since then, the company has been working to continue expanding the capabilities of Actions, adding new features such as artifact and dependency caching, self-hosted runners, and an Actions API. This month, GitHub is expanding Actions even further. … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Npm officially joins GitHub, Cloudflare Workers supports COBOL, and CLion 2020.1

Npm, Inc., is being purchased by GitHub. The companies announced the acquisition is officially completed. The public registry will remain public and free. Npm is now focusing on engaging with the community, investing in the registry infrastructure and platform, and improving the core experience with work already being started for the npm v7 CLI as … continue reading

SD Times news digest: GitHub now free for teams, Pinpoint engineering dashboard released, and PyCharm 2020.1

Private repositories with unlimited collaborators are now available to all GitHub accounts and all of the core GitHub features are available to everyone.  “This means teams can now manage their work together in one place: CI/CD, project management, code review, packages, and more. We want everyone to be able to ship great software on the … continue reading

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