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Microsoft Teams has been redesigned to offer increased speed

Microsoft recently announced the public preview of the new Microsoft Teams App for Windows in order to deliver up to two times faster performance while only using half of the memory. The user experience has been improved so that it is easier to locate everything in one place. The company stated that these enhancements also … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Semantic Kernel

Semantic Kernel (SK) is a lightweight SDK from Microsoft aimed at enabling integration of AI Large Language Models with conventional programming languages.  According to the project’s GitHub page, the SK extensible programming model brings together natural language semantic functions, traditional code native functions, and embeddings-based memory in order to access new potential and add value … continue reading

GitHub Copilot X brings chat functionality to improve coding experience

GitHub announced a major upgrade to Copilot, its AI-assisted development tool. Now in public preview, GitHub Copilot X utilizes the new GPT-4 model, adds chat and voice capabilities, and brings Copilot to the command line, pull requests, and docs.  “With AI available at every step, we can fundamentally redefine developer productivity. We are reducing boilerplate … continue reading

Microsoft launches public preview for Loop to drive better team collaboration

Microsoft has announced a new app in public preview called Loop which is designed to improve collaboration and communication within teams. Loop is an all-in-one platform that integrates chat, video calls, shared calendars, and task management features.  “At its core, Microsoft Loop is about people—people who want to create together with ease, no matter where … continue reading

Microsoft introduces AI copilot in Power Apps to improve low-code development

Microsoft recently announced a next-generation AI copilot in Microsoft Power Apps in order to enable users to build an application, and the data behind it, by describing what they need through several steps of conversation. According to the company, this release is a way to move to the next evolution of code abstraction, transitioning from … continue reading

TypeScript 5.0 implements new ECMAScript “decorators” standard

Microsoft has officially released the latest version of its JavaScript-based language TypeScript.  According to Microsoft, TypeScript 5.0 is not a particularly disruptive release, which means the upgrade process should be relatively simple.  This release includes a number of new features and improvements that make the language smaller, simpler, and faster.  Among the updates is that … continue reading

The latest in generative AI: OpenAI releases API | Bing Chat lets you change tone | Elon Musk wants to create his own generative AI

ChatGPT, and other generative AIs, have continued to be the talk of the development community over the last several weeks.  A number of things have happened with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, including a new API and more reactions stemming from interactions with Bing Search.  Here is a breakdown of things you may have missed in the last … continue reading

Microsoft reveals first preview for .NET 8

The focus of .NET 7 was to unify .NET Core and .NET Framework into a single .NET. Now that this has been achieved, .NET 8 is free to focus on other areas. According to Microsoft, with .NET 8 they want to focus on the developer experience for cloud-native developers and cross-platform development with MAUI and … continue reading

Visual Studio 2022 17.5 now available

Microsoft incorporated a number of features into this release that are designed to reduce friction in daily development workflows.  A number of productivity enhancements were made, including all-in-one search and Intent-Based Suggestions. All-in-one search enables Visual Studio users to find files, types, and members in code. With this release the company has significantly improved the … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Prompt Engine

Microsoft’s prompt engine is a library for helping developers create prompts for Large Language Models (LLMs). Prompt engineering, a technique for enabling specific behavior out of LLMs like GPT-3 and Codex, involves crafting inputs that coax the model to produce certain kinds of outputs. Also, few-shot prompting is a discipline that provides examples of inputs … continue reading

Microsoft announces Visual Studio extension for upgrading .NET projects

The team at Microsoft has announced an extension in Visual Studio that allows users to upgrade their .NET Framework or .NET Core web and desktop applications directly within Visual Studio.  According to the blog post, if a user’s application is built for .NET Framework or .NET Core, now is the time to upgrade to .NET … continue reading

ChatGPT this week: ChatGPT + Bing | Google’s AI attempt doesn’t go as planned | Using ChatGPT in technical interviews?

You may be familiar with the quote “software is eating the world,” but as of late it seems more like “ChatGPT is eating the world.” Ever since its public debut, it’s dominated front pages of the news, sparked many conversations about how AI will shape the future, and if you look at the trending page … continue reading Protection Status