A few days after Microsoft announced the general availability of Visual Studio 17.7, the company is releasing the first preview for version 17.8. 

According to Microsoft, Visual Studio 17.8 will include features to “ significantly improve your day-to-day tasks.”

One new feature is that you will now be able to add reviewers to pull requests directly within Visual Studio for both Azure DevOps and GitHub. 

The company is also implementing a Summary view in the diffing experience, which allows you to quickly see the changes along with a few lines of code for context. 

Microsoft is also increasing the repository limit from 10 to 25 for those utilizing multi-repository features. 

Another update is that Find and Replace now allows you to preserve the case of the query to  each match in your code. For example, in a Find and Replace on “begin” and “end,” “begin” would change to “end,” “Begin” would change to “End,” and “BEGIN” would change to “END.”

The diagnostics window has been updated with the .NET Counter tool so that you can use it to monitor and analyze performance metrics. 

Also in this release are new templates for creating React TypeScript projects, as well as one for combined React TypeScript and ASP.NET projects. 

IntelliTest is also now in preview, allowing you to generate test suites for .NET code. It generates a set of inputs based on your code coverage and then those are plugged into parameterized unit tests for each method. 

Other additions in this preview include code snippets for Unreal Engine, the ability to see additional information related to function generation, size and alignment hints, and more.

More information on each new feature is available in this blog post.