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Microsoft releases second preview of Visual Studio 17.9

Microsoft announced Visual Studio 17.9 Preview 2, which includes improvements to the C++ and .NET MAUI development experiences.  Users can now highlight a piece of code and automatically surround that selection with bracket delimiters, such as “double quotes”, ‘single quotes’, and (parentheses), whereas previously they had to manually input both sides. To enable or disable … continue reading

Microsoft to end support for the Visual Studio for Mac IDE

Microsoft has announced it is ending support for the Visual Studio for Mac IDE. Instead, the company will focus its efforts on improving the main Visual Studio application, which can be accessed on Mac, and any operating system, through Microsoft Dev Box.  “While the decision has been made to retire Visual Studio for Mac, we … continue reading

Microsoft previews first features of Visual Studio 17.8

A few days after Microsoft announced the general availability of Visual Studio 17.7, the company is releasing the first preview for version 17.8.  According to Microsoft, Visual Studio 17.8 will include features to “ significantly improve your day-to-day tasks.” One new feature is that you will now be able to add reviewers to pull requests … continue reading

.NET MAUI comes to Visual Studio in .NET 8 Preview 6

Microsoft released the sixth preview of .NET 8, and one of the major announcements is that .NET MAUI can now be accessed in Visual Studio Code through a new extension. “Today, we’re excited to announce the first preview of the .NET MAUI extension, which, paired with C# Dev Kit, gives you the tools you need … continue reading

Microsoft delivers several developer experience enhancements in Visual Studio 2022 17.6

Microsoft has announced the availability of the latest release of Visual Studio 2022. Version 17.6 includes updates aimed at developer productivity, developer experience, and tailors to both experienced and new developers.  “This latest release delivers a range of powerful tools and features designed to empower you in crafting cutting-edge applications and experiences. The user-friendly environment, … continue reading

Visual Studio 2022 17.5 now available

Microsoft incorporated a number of features into this release that are designed to reduce friction in daily development workflows.  A number of productivity enhancements were made, including all-in-one search and Intent-Based Suggestions. All-in-one search enables Visual Studio users to find files, types, and members in code. With this release the company has significantly improved the … continue reading

What’s new in Visual Studio in 2022

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) that is used by developers all around the world.  According to Stack Overflow’s 2022 development survey, 32% of developers preferred Visual Studio as their IDE, coming in second to the more lightweight IDE Visual Studio Code, which was used by 74% of respondents.  Given its popularity, we’re … continue reading

Microsoft improves Git branch switching, C++ experience in Visual Studio update

Microsoft has announced that it made several performance improvements in Visual Studio 2022 in the 17.3 release. Mainly these enhancements relate to Git branch switching and C++.  Some users may have previously experienced delays when switching branches, or had to wait for projects to reload after switching branches.  According to Microsoft, the process of switching … continue reading

GitHub Copilot now available in Visual Studio 2022

GitHub Copilot, which is a solution that uses AI to make code suggestions to developers, is now available in Visual Studio 2022.  The solution first launched as a technical preview last June, and according to GitHub, Visual Studio 2022 was the most requested IDE by the community.  The solution makes suggestions to developers as they … continue reading

Microsoft gives sneak peek at C# 11 features in latest Visual Studio update

In Microsoft’s Visual Studio 17.1, users will get a sneak peek at features coming to C# 11. These features will also be available in .NET SDK 6.0.200.  A feature available in early preview is parameter null checking, which verifies at runtime if a null has been passed to code. This is separate from Nullable Reference … continue reading

SD Times news digest: .NET Framework Security and Quality update; Support ending for older versions of Visual Studio; Elastic 8.0 released

This week, Microsoft released the February 2022 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework. This release does not contain any security improvements. For the most recent security updates, see here. With this, several reliability and quality improvement have been made, including: CLR: Addresses rare crashes and hangs that can appear in cases where GC occurs … continue reading

Microsoft reveals 2022 roadmap for Java in VS Code

Microsoft released its roadmap for its planned updates for Java on Visual Studio Code and highlighted its most important improvements in 2021.  2021 saw substantial improvements on all extensions in the Extension Pack for Java including 1.0 release of Language Support for Java, a Gradle for Java extension release, a new and better getting started … continue reading

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