GitHub Copilot, which is a solution that uses AI to make code suggestions to developers, is now available in Visual Studio 2022. 

The solution first launched as a technical preview last June, and according to GitHub, Visual Studio 2022 was the most requested IDE by the community. 

The solution makes suggestions to developers as they type, suggesting the code it thinks they might want. It can suggest whole lines or entire functions based on the context from the code being written. 

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Developers will need to be in the technical preview in order to get access to the extension. If not already in the technical preview, they can request to be added and will gain access as more capacity is added to the service. 

If already a part of the technical preview, developers can search for the GitHub Copilot extension and install it. 

More information on how to get started with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio Code 2022 is available here