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Microsoft Build: Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric, new GitHub Copilot extensions, and more

Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Microsoft Build, kicked off today in Seattle, WA. This year, the theme of the announcements is improving developer productivity with AI.  Today’s announcements build on yesterday’s announcement of Copilot+ PCs, which is a new generation of Windows computers designed for AI. Copilot+ PCs are capable of over 40 trillion operations per … continue reading

The latest in generative AI: OpenAI releases API | Bing Chat lets you change tone | Elon Musk wants to create his own generative AI

ChatGPT, and other generative AIs, have continued to be the talk of the development community over the last several weeks.  A number of things have happened with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, including a new API and more reactions stemming from interactions with Bing Search.  Here is a breakdown of things you may have missed in the last … continue reading

GitHub Copilot for Business is now available

The AI developer tool GitHub for Copilot is now being offered to every developer, team, and organization through its Business subscription.  GitHub Copilot draws context from a developer’s code to suggest new lines, entire functions, tests, and complex algorithms.   The new subscription tier has a more advanced OpenAI model and new capabilities to improve the … continue reading

GitHub Copilot now available in Visual Studio 2022

GitHub Copilot, which is a solution that uses AI to make code suggestions to developers, is now available in Visual Studio 2022.  The solution first launched as a technical preview last June, and according to GitHub, Visual Studio 2022 was the most requested IDE by the community.  The solution makes suggestions to developers as they … continue reading

GitHub Copilot sparks debates around open-source licenses

A few weeks ago GitHub released its Copilot solution, which uses AI to suggest code to developers. Developers can write a comment in their code and Copilot will automatically write the code it thinks is appropriate. It’s an impressive example of the power of AI, but has many developers and members of the open-source community … continue reading Protection Status