The AI developer tool GitHub for Copilot is now being offered to every developer, team, and organization through its Business subscription. 

GitHub Copilot draws context from a developer’s code to suggest new lines, entire functions, tests, and complex algorithms.  

The new subscription tier has a more advanced OpenAI model and new capabilities to improve the quality of GitHub Copilot’s code suggestions. GitHub has updated the underlying OpenAI Codex model to gain scale improvements to the quality of code suggestions and a reduction of time to serve suggestions. 

A new paradigm, Fill-In-the-Middle (FIM) was added to give developers the ability to better craft prompts for code suggestions. GitHub Copilot has been restructured to take into account not only the prefix of code but known code suffixes as well. This additional context gives the program a better understanding of how the code is written and how it should fit with the rest of the program. Through its improved accuracy, FIM in GitHub Copilot is able to provide high-quality code suggestions without any added latency, according to the company. 

“When we first launched GitHub Copilot for Individuals in June 2022, more than 27% of developers’ code files on average were generated by GitHub Copilot. Today, GitHub Copilot is behind an average of 46% of a developers’ code across all programming languages—and in Java, that number jumps to 61%,” Shuyin Zhao, senior director of product management wrote in a blog post.

Lastly, the GitHub Copilot extension for VS Code was updated with a light client-side model that improves overall acceptance rates for code suggestions. 

The company stated that it plans to integrate AI into every aspect of the developer experience whether that’s coding to the pull request to coding deployments and Copilot for Business is the first step. 

Copilot for Business is available for $19 per user per month.