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Microsoft gives up its observer seat on OpenAI’s board

Yesterday Microsoft announced that it was giving up its observer board seat at OpenAI, a company it has invested over $10 billion in and whose AI models are heavily integrated across the Microsoft product line. Microsoft’s board seat was a nonvoting seat, meaning they were only on it to observe what the board was doing. The … continue reading

June 2024: People on the Move

A number of companies have announced major changes to their executive leadership last month. Here are a couple of the moves across the industry this past month. Anthony Griffin named chief architect of Hazelcast He has extensive experience building systems for financial institutions, such as Danske Bank, Nomura, HSBC, and others. Throughout his 25+ year … continue reading

Antitrust investigations may be on the horizon for Microsoft, OpenAI, and NVIDIA

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are reportedly starting the process of antitrust investigations for Microsoft, OpenAI, and NVIDIA, according to the New York Times.  While the DOJ and FTC have yet to officially announce their plans, several reputable publications have reported that this information comes from verified sources familiar … continue reading

OpenAI .NET library – SD Times Open Source Project of the Week

Microsoft has announced that OpenAI has created an official library for .NET for the OpenAI API. It includes full support for the OpenAI API, including Assistants v2 and Chat Completions, as well as the latest model, GPT-4o.  With the release of this library, developers will now be able to build their own libraries on top … continue reading

OpenAI forms new Safety and Security Committee

OpenAI has formed a new Safety and Security Committee as it begins training its next frontier model.  Over the next 90 days, the committee will begin evaluating the company’s current processes and safeguards. Then, it will share its findings with OpenAI’s Board, which will then share the updated recommendations publicly.  The overall goal of the … continue reading

.NET at Microsoft Build: AI innovations, cloud-native development improvements, and more

At Microsoft Build, Microsoft unveiled updates across the .NET ecosystem, including AI innovations, new features for cloud-native development, general availability of .NET Aspire, and more capabilities in the upcoming .NET 9. Microsoft and OpenAI’s ongoing partnership has resulted in the creation of an official OpenAI .NET library, which will be available in a few weeks. … continue reading

OpenAI introduces Model Spec

OpenAI is sharing the first draft of its Model Spec, a document that specifies how models should behave in the OpenAI API and ChatGPT, to be used as guidelines for researchers and AI trainers who work on reinforcement learning from human feedback. The spec, according to OpenAI, is based on the organizations’ research into model behavior … continue reading

Stack Overflow and OpenAI announce partnership to enable ChatGPT to use knowledge from Stack Overflow answers

Stack Overflow and OpenAI are announcing a partnership that will bolster each of their respective offerings. OpenAI will leverage Stack Overflow’s OverflowAPI to improve its models using content and feedback from Stack Overflow answers. According to the companies, it will only surface responses that have been vetted and deemed to be accurate. The goal is … continue reading

April 2024: People on the Move

A number of companies have announced major changes to their executive leadership this month. Here are a couple of the moves across the industry this past month.  Atlassian co-CEO Scott Farquhar announces plans to step down Farquhar, along with Mike Cannon-Brookes, have been running Atlassian as co-CEOs since forming the company together 23 years ago.  … continue reading

OpenAI’s Assistants API update adds new file search tool and ability to set maximum token limits

OpenAI has just announced a few new updates to its Assistants API, which is an API that makes it possible for developers to build AI assistants into their applications.  The API now includes a file search tool that allows up to 10,000 files per assistant, and can enable developers to integrate knowledge retrieval into their … continue reading

ChatGPT Plus users now get access to GPT-4 Turbo model

OpenAI has announced that paid ChatGPT users now have access to GPT-4 Turbo, which is the company’s most advanced model. The new model improves writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding capabilities.  According to OpenAI, the use of GPT-4 Turbo will result in more direct and concise results from ChatGPT that use more conversational language compared … continue reading

Microsoft opens AI Hub in London

Microsoft has announced it is creating a new location in London for AI research. This follows the company’s announcement that it had created a new division in the company called Microsoft AI that is focused on building out its commercial AI offerings, such as Copilot. The new location will focus on innovating on large language … continue reading

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