CloudBees, the software delivery platform for enterprises, today launched CloudBees Feature Management Community Edition

With this, development teams gain access to enterprise-grade feature flagging capabilities, advancing the technique of progressive delivery within modern software engineering.

This release allows teams of up to 15 developers to take advantage of feature flags at scale, working to tackle common challenges such as technical debt and governance issues. 

CloudBees Feature Management Community Edition brings users several features, such as flag approvals, flag lifecycling, a real proxy, webhooks, audit logs, flag scheduling, and full access to all of the software development kits available from CloudBees.

Additionally, this extension offers 250,000 client-side monthly active users and 100 million impressions per month. 

The Community Edition also integrates with Jenkins and the CloudBees platform to achieve greater visibility of feature flags across continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines. 

“Using feature flags to deliver software progressively is no longer a fringe concept for enterprise companies, even those in highly regulated industries. Our obsession with developer experience drove the decision to enable development teams with access to our enterprise-grade feature flag management system for free,” said Jim Schuchart, general manager of feature management at CloudBees. “We believe CloudBees Feature Management Community Edition truly sets CloudBees apart from any other free edition in the market because it is so full-featured and robust.”

To get started using CloudBees Feature Management Community Edition, see here. For more information, click here.