Cloud-native intelligence automation company Automation Anywhere today announced the Automation Success Platform. This release is intended to help accelerate business transformation by making automation more accessible.

According to Automation Anywhere, 95% of organizations are currently embracing automation practices and with Gartner’s prediction that automation will add an estimated $15 trillion benefit to the global economy by 2030, every company is operating in the Automation Economy.

The company also stated that the Automation Anywhere Success Platform works to enable everyone to invest in automation practices by offering new automation tools that work with widely used apps.

These new tools include:

  • AARI: the automation co-pilot that allows for engaging with bots while working in apps in order to get work done faster

  • New process discovery: the app that leverages AI to map and uncover the highest ROI automation opportunities across systems, processes, and tools

  • New document automation: allows for the extraction of data and the transferring of that data into any app

  • CoE Manager: In partnership with Shibumi, this tool helps CoE leaders build, monitor, and scale in a centralized command center

  • New citizen development: a suite of new capabilities that offers a simplified builder experience so citizen developers can create automation

  • Automation Pathfinder Program: a complete success framework that leverages automation experience across use cases

“The world’s leading companies are embracing automation and AI to unlock new opportunities, engage the workforce, and adapt to market changes,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and co-founder of Automation Anywhere. “The Automation Success Platform delivers intelligent automation to every employee and empowers IT and automation leaders to scale success.”

For more information, visit the website.