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What makes engineering teams elite

DORA metrics have become the de facto standard for measuring software development and delivery success, but a study last month identifies where those measures alone were lacking. The first-ever Engineering Benchmarks Report, recently released by software delivery management platform provider LinearB, provides insights from 1,500 organizations into what makes one DevOps team more effective than … continue reading

Harness launches AI assistant to enhance productivity across SDLC

Harness launched an AI assistant known as AIDA (AI Development Assistant). The company aims to broaden the scope of AI applications to include all aspects of the SDLC.  According to Harness,  conventional AI tools mainly concentrate on helping with code development, while AIDA enhances the entire process of software development, encompassing activities such as building … continue reading

‘Flow Triangles’ help organizations ensure teams are working together

There are people who believe that software development is pure art. And there are people who believe that it is basically manufacturing. The reality, of course, is that it’s somewhere in the middle. Because of that, before you can even begin to measure how your team is performing, it’s critically important to understand your organization’s … continue reading

Atlassian Intelligence provides developers a virtual teammate

Atlassian today released a new AI tool, Atlassian Intelligence, designed to understand how teams work and to help accelerate software delivery. The company has mined 20 years of data on how software, operations and business teams plan, track and deliver work to give Atlassian Intelligence a “unique understanding of teamwork,” according to a company blog … continue reading

Report: 4 key benchmarks that successful development teams meet

The most successful development teams have these four key benchmarks in common, revealed CircleCI’s 2023 State of Software Delivery Report.  Successful teams have workflow durations less than 10 minutes, recovery from failed runs in under an hour, success rates above 90% in the default branch of their application, and deployments at least once per day, … continue reading

Fibery announces generative AI Assistant to increase work management and productivity

Fibery, a work and knowledge hub for startups, today launched its Fibery AI Assistant. The tool integrates the GPT-3 API into the Fibery platform in order to automate tasks and reduce the need for external tools. According to the company, the Fibery AI Assistant is intended to allow users to automate mundane tasks more effectively, … continue reading

Microsoft Teams has been redesigned to offer increased speed

Microsoft recently announced the public preview of the new Microsoft Teams App for Windows in order to deliver up to two times faster performance while only using half of the memory. The user experience has been improved so that it is easier to locate everything in one place. The company stated that these enhancements also … continue reading

Report: The major challenges for development teams in 2023

Finding developers with the right set of skills for the job will continue to be a major challenge for businesses in 2023.  The U.S. Department of Labor is estimating that there will be a shortage of 85.2 million developers by 2030, and over a third of respondents to Reveal’s latest survey on development struggles said … continue reading

Microsoft launches public preview for Loop to drive better team collaboration

Microsoft has announced a new app in public preview called Loop which is designed to improve collaboration and communication within teams. Loop is an all-in-one platform that integrates chat, video calls, shared calendars, and task management features.  “At its core, Microsoft Loop is about people—people who want to create together with ease, no matter where … continue reading

Software engineering teams must collaborate with site reliability engineers

Software engineering leaders need to foster collaboration with site reliability engineers (SRE) in order to scale unplanned work and improve customer experience. Software engineering teams tend to focus on releasing new product features quickly, which causes them to not always prioritize the reliability of new features. Gartner predicts that by 2027, 75% of enterprises will … continue reading

2023: The Year of Continuous Improvement

March 13, 2020. Friday the 13th. That’s when a large number of companies shut their offices to prevent the spread of a deadly virus – COVID-19. Many thought this would be a short, temporary thing.  They were wrong. The remainder of 2020 and 2021 were spent trying to figure out how to get an entire … continue reading

How developer managers are training their teams on new skills

It can be argued that the only constant in the technology field is change. With the continuous advancements being made in cloud computing along with the evolution of the development process, the ability to keep up with the newest skills is an essential part of a developer’s job.  That being said, an essential part of … continue reading Protection Status