Asana has introduced new intelligent product capabilities that include executive reporting enhancements, goals standardization, Gantt view, and more, which are made possible by Asana’s Work Graph, according to the company. 

New executive reporting offers a quick way to access the current status and gain a comprehensive overview of strategic initiatives. It provides essential metrics such as budget, costs, and time. Additionally, a health check AI feature is included, which instantly summarizes the project’s progress and identifies areas that are not on track, which helps in efficiently redirecting efforts toward achieving goals.

Users can also standardize goal-setting with custom goal types such as objectives or key results that are connected to the underlying work, and automate the process with templates. This helps drive greater consistency and accuracy in building goals, and standardizes how the work is executed. 

Gantt view enables users to plan projects with a clear visualization of task dates, durations, and dependencies, and easily spot and manage deviations from the plans over time. 

Lastly, saved views surfaces the most relevant information for teams by creating multiple custom views within a project: list, board, calendar, timeline, and Gantt.

“The insights and decisions AI drives are only as good as the data behind them,” said Saket Srivastava, CIO of Asana. “By combining the power of AI with Asana’s Work Graph, we can transform how operations leaders ladder project execution up to business strategy. With Asana’s new expanded reporting features, enhanced automations, and robust resource management – paired with Asana Intelligence, our human-centered approach to AI that helps organizations maximize impact – enterprises can work smarter than ever.”