Harness launched an AI assistant known as AIDA (AI Development Assistant). The company aims to broaden the scope of AI applications to include all aspects of the SDLC. 

According to Harness,  conventional AI tools mainly concentrate on helping with code development, while AIDA enhances the entire process of software development, encompassing activities such as building and testing code, securing the software, guaranteeing reliability, implementing changes, and cost optimization. 

This AI assistant is accessible to all Harness clients at no extra cost and will be smoothly incorporated into all aspects of the Harness platform. These aspects include CI/CD, managing cloud-related expenses, and feature toggles.

“Harness’s goal has always been to break down barriers in software delivery. With the launch of AIDA, we’re not just talking about a future where AI significantly enhances the SDLC—we’re making it a reality,” said Jyoti Bansal, CEO and co-founder of Harness. “I firmly believe that this is just the beginning, and I’m incredibly proud of our team’s relentless efforts to drive this change. We’re committed to harnessing the potential of generative AI to address real-world developer challenges across the entire lifecycle of code.”

AIDA includes three features specifically designed to address major challenges in the SDLC: 

  • Assisted Resolution of Builds and Deployment Failures scans log files and links error messages to identified problems. This feature allows developers to diagnose and fix deployment issues rapidly, eliminating the need to manually search through massive amounts of log data. AIDA can also recommend solutions and foresee potential errors in the code before the build process even starts. This functionality is designed to work with Harness’s Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment services.


  • Automated Security Vulnerability Fixing independently detects security weaknesses and produces necessary code adjustments. Its training includes all publicly recognized Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and Common Weakness Enumerations (CWEs). AIDA considerably speeds up the process of fixing these vulnerabilities, reducing the workload for developers by 50-75%. It is intended to integrate flawlessly with the Harness Security Testing Orchestration module.


  • Manage Cloud Assets Using Natural Language to define policies for governing cloud assets and costs, automating a typically complex process.