The API management platform Gravitee has announced a new solution, Federated API Management, which provides governance capabilities for companies using multiple API gateways and event brokers.

According to the company, businesses today are often managing tens of thousands of APIs and different teams tend to use different API gateways as well. This leads to API sprawl and makes governance difficult.

With Federated API Management, they will now be able to manage, secure, and publish APIs from a central location, regardless of which API gateway they are using.

It offers the ability to discover the APIs in use across the organization, import those APIs into a single control and management layer, and then publish them into a Developer Portal for self-service discovery, documentation, and subscription management. 

“We built federated API management because we know that various teams across a given organization leverage myriad tools to manage their APIs,” said Rory Blundell, CEO of Gravitee. “Even if a team isn’t using Gravitee as their API Gateway, they can still take advantage of having a central source of truth for visibility, subscription control, governance, and more.”

The company will be demoing this new solution at its virtual event Gravitee Edge 2024 this week.

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