3 Essential Building Blocks of Continuous Testing

Organizations – and developers – need to innovate to stay competitive, and with release schedules shrinking all the time, it’s more likely that a business-threatening bug might slip through to production.  Successfully implementing CT, which aims to avoid business-killing software failures, depends on continuous alignment between people, processes, and technology in the organization. Each of these three … continue reading

Monitoring your network with time series data

Today’s applications are architectured to work on hybrid, componentized, containerized, distributed, mobile/sensor environments, and so do the networks that sustain all these applications together. Complexity, traffic volume, intolerance to performance degradation and inefficiency will only increase, demanding real-time and holistic monitoring. There are several sources of instrumentation for network monitoring data such as: Endpoints metrics, events, logging, … continue reading

Why Time Series Data Matters

Time series data has historically been associated with applications in finance. However, as developers and businesses move to instrument more of their servers, applications, network infrastructure and the physical world, time series is becoming the de facto standard for how to think about storing, retrieving, and mining this data for real-time and historical insight. This paper … continue reading

How to Integrate Calendars into your App

Calendar help us keep track of our lives, and integrating these calendars into the software tools businesses and consumers use has become mission-critical for many software companies. But building those integrations is a complex process. We created this guide to help make your calendar integration process easy. In this guide, you will learn: The deceptively complex … continue reading

A Tactical Guide to Building an Email Integration into your App

With workers reluctant to leave their favored tools to do other tasks, SaaS providers are creating APIs to deliver such things as email, workflow automation, and more into those tools of choice.. But building these features into your application is complex and time-consuming. This guide is designed to help organizations see the differences between building … continue reading

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