Red Hat Process Automation Manager

Red Hat Process Automation Manager, formerly known as Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, is a middleware platform used to create cloud-native business automation applications and microservices. This platform allows IT users and business people to simulate, document, automate, manage, and monitor business processes and decisions. Red Hat Process Automation Manager was designed to empower IT … continue reading

Heroes or Villains? How IT Sees Citizen Developers

Citizen developers are instrumental to the development of powerful, elegant applications that solve business problems and accelerate digital transformation. Yet, because of lack of extensive development knowledge, some IT shops see the citizen developer as making more work for them, by having to go in and fix what they did incorrectly. But, when organizations use … continue reading

The State of Open Source Vulnerabilities Management

WhiteSource’s first annual Open Source Security Vulnerability Management Report, based on a survey of 650 developers and an analysis of the largest database of aggregated open source vulnerabilities, presents the latest data and insights on the rise of open source vulnerabilities, how development teams are handling open source security, and the strategies and tools that they should adopt to efficiently manage open source vulnerabilities. … continue reading

The Complete Guide on Open Source Security

The ins and outs of open source security in one comprehensive guide.Download this joint report by Microsoft and WhiteSource in order to learn more about the difference in finding & fixing vulnerabilities in open source components opposed to proprietary code. How to grasp the unique challenges of open source security and how to tackle them, and … continue reading

Break Through Agile Velocity Plateaus

Reinventing testing is an untapped opportunity to break through Agile velocity plateaus. Even if you’ve already done all the conventional things to accelerate your development process and you thought you reached a plateau, you can still increase velocity by shifting your attention to testing. … continue reading

Forrester’s Agile Metrics and DevOps Metrics for Software Quality

Scaled agile and DevOps change the game for software testing. It’s not just a matter of accelerating testing—it’s also about fundamentally altering the way that we measure quality. For Agile, we need to test faster and earlier. But DevOps demands a more deep-seated shift. The test outcomes required to drive a fully-automated release pipeline are … continue reading

Low-Code Digital Factory: First Step Toward Transformation

This guide is an introduction to a new methodology called low-code digital factory. This methodology can be used by organizations to apply to their digital transformation from beginning to end. Low-code digital factory has been time-tested and proven by customers in almost every industry, it has the solutions OutSystems have created with their customers since … continue reading

Why Agile and DevOps Transformations Fail at Scale

Many companies have found success by implementing Agile practices into their development organizations. Yet these same companies often complain that when they try to ‘scale Agile’ into other departments, they’re not seeing the same success. Part of the reason is because the organization doesn’t quite yet understand how their assets flow, from the initial concept … continue reading

Make Sure There’s Value Behind Delivering Software More Quickly

Automation is helping organizations achieve greater velocity in software development, testing and delivery. Application Release Automation integrates and orchestrates all actions in the release pipeline, but it doesn’t trace products from ideation to operations and back. Value Stream Integration connects requirements, features, tests and trouble tickets, and flows the artifacts between the tools, giving organizations … continue reading

The Importance of Citizen Developers to Business

While citizen developers are not full-time developers, they are at the heart of modern businesses today. They see what your business needs to grow, how to increase productivity, and thanks to new trends like low-code, they are equipped with the ability to develop apps that do just that. Low-code enables non-programmers to scour data, learn … continue reading

Case Study: Software Usage Analytics Help Build Better Solutions for Creative Users

According to its VP of development and strategy, “We are absolutely hooked on Revulytics data. It’s one of the first dashboards I fire up every morning to know exactly what’s going on, so we’re aware of problems sooner, and opportunities, too.” More than 5,000 organizations and 100,000 professionals around the world rely on Extensis software to … continue reading

Case Study: Usage Intelligence Helps Modernize Applications in Half the Time

CNC Software Cuts its Flagship Product Redesign from 36 to 18 months and significantly reduces cost using Software Usage Analytics “Our entire redesign took 18 months. But it would easily have taken double that time without Revulytics software usage analytics to support our decision-making.” In industries ranging from automobile manufacturing to consumer goods to medicine, … continue reading

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