DevOps at Scale: Release Faster in More Complex Environments with Test Automation

How do you scale your testing to realize the full value of DevOps? In this session, Ethan Chung, Solutions Architect Manager at Keysight Technologies, will show how to expand testing coverage across complex applications with intelligent automation. Watch now to learn the basics of automation right through to building sophisticated test cases that integrate with … continue reading

How to choose the right Service Virtualization Solution

So. What IS Service Virtualization? Service virtualization is a key enabler to any test automation project, by providing an effective way to simulate dependent services that are out of your control for testing, by creating stable and predictable test environments. Your test automation will be reliable and accurate. But there are several different approaches and … continue reading

The Solution to Your Test Data Management (TDM) Headaches

Did you know that up to 20% of the average software development lifecycle is lost waiting for data? Test data is hard to procure and a risk to manage, but also a requirement. A method based on secure, real data capture provides the best solution for attaining the data. Parasoft goes beyond traditional test data … continue reading

The Guide to Advanced Jenkins

As teams, environments, projects, and market pressures increase, so do the administrative tasks associated with maintaining and administering Jenkins, one of the most popular development tools on the planet. Scaling Jenkins usage across a growing enterprise, without affecting the security or stability of its SDLC is challenging, particularly for highly regulated industries. Since CloudBees is … continue reading

Five reasons why enterprises using Jenkins adopt CloudBees CI

CloudBees CI is a unified governance engine for managing all of the CI automation needs of software development organizations practicing continuous integration. It leverages Jenkins, arguably the most popular development tools out there. Given this, there are five main reasons why companies chose CloudBees CI: Centralized Management Elastic Scaling Download this short report and find … continue reading

Reverse Geo Web Service: Creating a Dealer Locator

Melissa’s Reverse Geo Web Service allows you to return the distance from your current location to the nearest known location within a provided list, or in other words, create a ‘dealer locator’. Traditionally, Reverse Geo Web Service (RGWS) returned the nearest valid address to the input (starting location) which was a latitude/longitude pair and is … continue reading

Maintaining data quality within your part number system

Learn how data profiling techniques can help you discover patterns and issues with your data Most businesses employ hundreds, if not thousands, of part numbers. Every time a part number is added or changed, is another opportunity for errors, truncation or corruption to take place. Learn how data profiling techniques can help you discover patterns … continue reading

The 7 Cs of Data Quality: Your Data Quality Scorecard

Is your contact data helping your business or hurting it? The health of a company’s data impacts departments across the organization – including marketing, sales, accounting, and compliance. Having a data quality strategy in place helps organizations leverage accurate data for more effective marketing campaigns, reduced shipping and direct mail costs, and greater customer satisfaction. … continue reading

Data Quality Assessment: A Methodology for Success

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data,” stated The Economist. It is the crux of a successful business, and “in a digitally powered economy like ours, only those with the right form of data can successfully navigate the market, make future predictions, and adjust their business to fit market trends,” said … continue reading

Industry Handbook: Technology takes health care into the 21st century

Advances in healthcare software systems since the Pandemic hit have already begun to optimize delivery of medical services and solutions around the globe. The goal is to bring health care to people who lack mobility, and for those who live in places where there are limited facilities or where none exist at all. Innovators like … continue reading

Orchestrate Unattended and Event-Driven Tasks for IT and Business Processes

Accelerate IT and Business Automation with Streamlined modelling, Advanced AI and Open Integration for Observability. Accelerate the digital transformation of modern enterprises, ensuring business agility and resilience with our Latest version of One stop automation platform. Orchestrate unattended and event-driven tasks for IT and business processes from legacy to cloud and kubernetes systems. Download this … continue reading

How the U.S. House of Representatives used Hasura to modernize their tech stack

To serve their users more efficiently, improve security, and enhance processes and productivity, the Legislative Applications department of the U.S. House of Representatives set out to modernize its 30-year-old technology stack. As an integral part of the government operating in a regulated field, they had to ensure their new tech stack was secure, resilient, and … continue reading

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