Essential Guide to AWS Cloud Migrations

More and more organizations are choosing to migrate to cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) today to achieve greater scalability, increase cost savings, and enable digital transformation. However, the migration journey can be daunting. To make things simpler, here’s a guide featuring useful tips to help you design an effective cloud migration strategy. Key … continue reading

Ten Steps to True Mainframe Agility: An approach to DevOps success

Many organizations are uncertain how to start a transformation to better enable their organizations to maximize quality, velocity and efficiency. To get started, review this flexible step-by-step approach to becoming Agile on the mainframe. You’ll garner: In-depth explanations of steps others have taken to transform their organizations Recommendations for top DevOps tools to use Success indicators to … continue reading

Observability: It’s all about the data

Observability is the latest iteration of application and network monitoring, giving organizations a view into CI/CD pipelines, microservices, Kubernetes and edge decies, among other systems. Yet handling all the data these systems throw off can be a huge challenge. Logs, metrics and traces are important sources of data for performance, But there’s more to observability … continue reading

AIOPs is Transforming the Role of IT

The introduction of the latest technology – such as AI and machine learning – can be seen as a way for organizations to accelerate growth, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. However, the truth is that the technology alone will do little to deliver on these business outcomes. AI for IT operations (AIOPs) is one … continue reading

Five proven ways to drive continuous improvement

Process is the lifeblood of every business, and yet too many organizations suffer from processes that are inefficient and unsustainable. Whether your organization is stuck navigating a snarl of unwieldy spreadsheets and emails or painstakingly customizing large, complex systems with part-time support from overworked technical teams, the result is the same: a bogged-down business with … continue reading

Testing in DevOps: A Guide For Buyers

DevOps has transformed the way businesses think and software development teams work, but the power of DevOps is still limited. Testing still stands in the way of achieving true DevOps and continuous delivery. It is a time-consuming process that requires many moving parts to happen in the right way, and many questions to be asked … continue reading

Reducing MTTD For High Severity Incidents

High-severity incidents are those involving feature issues, drops in network availability, data loss, revenue loss and security risks. This e-book provides an introduction to the fundamentals of incident management classification, and explores methods for reducing the time it takes SREs to discover their downstream effects. Read this how-to guide to gain an understanding of: Incident classification: … continue reading

The First 5 Chaos Experiments to Run on Kubernetes

Even systems like Kubernetes need to be tested to verify that they can handle turbulent production conditions. By thoughtfully injecting failure into Kubernetes, engineers can identify bugs before migrating a new service over and ensure successful launches and the stable ongoing performance of their application. This reduces time fighting fires so teams can ship more … continue reading

Application security: Best practices vs. practicality

When building out your AppSec program, remember that something is always better than nothing. While achieving best practices should be your end goal, oftentimes budget, expertise and time get in the way. But even a few practical steps taken now can help craft an AppSec foundation that can move the needle while positioning your program … continue reading

A New Approach to Maintaining and Securing your Open Source Supply Chain

451 Research’s data and conversations reveal that while enterprises tend to embrace open source software, they are currently struggling to address the unique challenges that open source software can bring regarding support, software quality, licensing and security. Simply using open source software and making it available to users is not enough. This is where managed … continue reading

Modern Analytics on AWS

Businesses today struggle as a result of the three big challenges with traditional analytics products – legacy tools that won’t work with all of their data, that don’t have the architecture to handle big data, and that can’t take actions in real-time to keep them ahead of the competition. Qrvey is the next generation of … continue reading

The Ultimate Guide To a Successful Continuous Delivery Pipeline

In this eBook, we will explore the 5 keys to building a successful continuous delivery pipeline. Our discussion will highlight the importance of using a mobile device cloud, testing on real devices, and explain how to set up a test automation strategy. We will also walk you through the steps to set up a continuous … continue reading

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