Hiring the right developers with a structured scoring rubric

A structured scoring rubric can put candidates who meet with different interviewers on a level playing field by standardizing  what competencies are being evaluated, as well as providing consistency in language and rating  scales. They help interviewers and hiring managers by making it clear which competencies  matter. This helps guide which questions to ask in … continue reading

The Engaged Enterprise’s Guide to Scaling Agile with Jira Align Part 1: Scaling from the bottom up

“Scaling Agile” is a relatively new concept that many organizations are considering, and some have attempted. They quickly find, however, it’s not as simple as forcing more teams to have a standup every morning or use a Kanban board. There are fundamental changes required to process, culture, and even organizational definitions of success, all of … continue reading

How to Choose a Database for Your Mobile Apps

The database you choose plays a key role in building successful mobile apps. If your app requires a connection to work, performance will be sluggish and spotty – and your customers will find a better experience elsewhere. Use this whitepaper to select the best mobile database for your needs based on 9 critical questions, including: … continue reading

The Forrester Wave™: Big Data NoSQL

In this report, Forrester states that, “NoSQL has become critical for all businesses to support modern business applications,” and that, “enterprises like NoSQL’s ability to scale out using low-cost servers and a flexible, schema-less model that can store, process, and access any type of business data.” Using a 26-criterion evaluation, Forrester identified the 15 most … continue reading

Pentesting in DevOps: A How-To Guide

This guidebook aims to outline how security teams can transform pentesting from a development blocker into a value-adding program that provides periodic feedback. It explores the following: What pentesting as a service is and how it can lead to more timely vulnerability findings The value pentesting can bring to engineering teams with different levels of … continue reading

Comparing Data Pipeline Services from Amazon AWS, Google, & Microsoft

This report reviews the major cloud data pipeline services from the big three providers and look at each one’s commonalities and unique capabilities. We examine: Azure Data Factory, AWS Glue,AWS Data Pipeline, GCP Dataflow and GCP Cloud Data Fusion. The report also explores and discusses how far the services’ out-of-the-box functionality will take you, and … continue reading

2020 State of Incident Management Report

See how over 500 organizations run their incident management process. Each company has its own version of an incident management process, and some are clearly better than others. Learn how world-class IT Operations and DevOps teams resolve incidents and see how your own internal process compares. … continue reading

Time to Say Yes to NoSQL

A strong case can be made for why organizations should adopt NoSQL. About 90% of the data that exists today was created in the last two years, and relational databases cannot effectively manage most of it. Nevertheless, nearly all organizations still cling to their legacy relational databases, collectively paying tens of billions of dollars each … continue reading

Relational to NoSQL: Getting Started from SQL Server

At the heart of every digital economy business are its web, mobile, and Internet of Things(IoT) applications: they’re the primary way companies interact with customers today, and how companies run more and more of their business. The experiences that companies deliver via those apps largely determine how satisfied – and how loyal – customers will … continue reading

Digital Transformation: Can Architects Meet the Demands of the Digital Age?

Architects are certainly feeling the pressure of digital transformation – 41% say they are under high or extremely high pressure, and 68% say that getting the right technologies in place for digital transformation can seem an insurmountable task. Despite this pressure, architects are still having to scale back their ambitions. It is well understood that … continue reading

Jump Start Mobile Testing

In working with some of the world’s largest enterprise mobility teams, Mobile Labs has had the opportunity to observe some of the most successful mobile testing labs in action. The best practitioners manage to retain the traditional goals of QA while incorporating new requirements brought forth by mobile while solving new challenges mobility imposes on … continue reading

Cloud Cost Data Pays Off: A Case Study

With customer growth trending up, Drift needed a way to be able sustain new AI-based features and increased customer utilization, while simultaneously reducing cost and improving product margins. They turned to CloudZero, whose cost-mapping features and anomaly alerts helped them to save over $150K a month in AWS costs, enable a culture of cost-conscious engineering … continue reading

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