Industry Handbook: Technology takes health care into the 21st century

Advances in healthcare software systems since the Pandemic hit have already begun to optimize delivery of medical services and solutions around the globe. The goal is to bring health care to people who lack mobility, and for those who live in places where there are limited facilities or where none exist at all. Innovators like … continue reading

Orchestrate Unattended and Event-Driven Tasks for IT and Business Processes

Accelerate IT and Business Automation with Streamlined modelling, Advanced AI and Open Integration for Observability. Accelerate the digital transformation of modern enterprises, ensuring business agility and resilience with our Latest version of One stop automation platform. Orchestrate unattended and event-driven tasks for IT and business processes from legacy to cloud and kubernetes systems. Download this … continue reading

How the U.S. House of Representatives used Hasura to modernize their tech stack

To serve their users more efficiently, improve security, and enhance processes and productivity, the Legislative Applications department of the U.S. House of Representatives set out to modernize its 30-year-old technology stack. As an integral part of the government operating in a regulated field, they had to ensure their new tech stack was secure, resilient, and … continue reading

2022 Enterprise Application Integration Trend Report

As with most 2022 trends in the development world, discussions around integration focus on the same topic: speed. What are the common integration patterns and anti-patterns, and how do they help or hurt overall operational efficiency? Download this resource to see the survey results and read the report! … continue reading

Data Mesh & GraphQL — Democratizing Data Access for Enterprise Excellence

There has been an explosion in the types of data we have, how we use it, save it, and apply it to different contexts. However, getting that data to the teams that need it remains a huge bottleneck. Learn how taking a data mesh approach to designing data architectures is a more effective data-sharing solution … continue reading

E-book: Get more out of DevOps with value stream management

Are you looking to get started on your Value Stream Management (VSM) implementation? Or maybe you’re looking to enhance your current VSM journey. Do you want to get started right away and start realizing more value for your customers? This e-book guides you through: A closer look at your DevOps pipeline, comparing value stream mapping … continue reading

The State of Modern Application Development: A Conversation

What’s shaping modern application development, and how is it changing in 2022? This webinar unveils the top five roadblocks causing disruption in application development and key standout accelerating trends that will help create more streamlined alignments within the functional organization. Armory CEO Jim Douglas and market analyst firm EMA Vice President of Research, Dennis Drogseth … continue reading

Unit Testing: The Definitive Guide

Unit testing is important for code quality, but if you’ve never done it before how would you know where to begin? And even if you’re an experienced developer, are there ways you could unit test more effectively. This guide provides a start-to-finish overview of unit testing in Java. Among the topics covered are: What is … continue reading

Tackling the legacy code challenge

More of the world’s businesses and public services depend on well-written code than ever before. However, with rapid innovation and the constant evolving roles of employees and contractors, knowledge of the code in an organization fades quickly, and code that is sometimes only a few years old becomes complex to maintain. Global companies are investing … continue reading

Harness the Power of AI for Code

There’s a lot of buzz around Artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to revolutionize everything from retail to transportation to healthcare. But what exactly is ‘AI for Code?’ This white paper provides a few practical examples of how artificial intelligence (when harnessed properly) can provide scalable business-critical benefits. It guides you through the next steps … continue reading

The DevSecOps Super Bowl: How security champions can support your team to victory against late-stage vulnerabilities

Implementing DevSecOps positively is critical for any organization that needs to deploy apps and programs quickly and securely. One proven method to achieve this is through security champions at both the executive and development levels. The AppSec-side champion works hand-in-hand with the CISO and other executives to generate support and execute security programs at the … continue reading

A plan to upskill and engage your developers

Ensuring the security of an application these days is just as important as the core function of the application itself. While you are still rolling out patches for a previous bug, your code is vulnerable and out in the wild. And the threat landscape continues to evolve at an alarming rate. This means that coding … continue reading

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