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Linux Foundation Europe launches Open Mobile Hub project to facilitate multi-platform mobile development

The Linux Foundation Europe has announced the launch of Open Mobile Hub (OMH), a new framework for cross-platform mobile development. A main effort of the project will be to develop a unified codebase that allows applications to be built once and then deployed across different mobile operating systems.  The project was formed by five mobile development … continue reading

Wix adds AI capabilities to mobile app builder

The WYSIWYG website editor Wix has announced new AI creation capabilities in its mobile app builder. Users describe their business and what features they have in mind and the AI will generate a complete app. The generated app can then be customized by the user, who can change components like sections, widgets, designs, themes, and … continue reading

Mabl now offers automated mobile testing

The testing company mabl has announced that it now offers automated mobile testing capabilities in its platform, which already offered testing for web and APIs.  It was designed to give full coverage of all the unique functionalities of varying mobile devices and their operating systems. With this new new offering, tests are created through a … continue reading

Android 15 gets its second developer preview with updates to satellite functionality, audio recognition, and more

The Android development team has just announced the release of the second developer preview for Android 15.  The satellite communication functionality has been updated with new UI elements to provide a better user experience. Apps can also now use ServiceState.isUsingNonTerrestrialNetwork() to detect when a device is connected via satellite, and there is also now support … continue reading

Report: How mobile testing strategies are embracing AI

AI has seeped into every corner of the tech space over the last couple of years, and mobile testing is no exception.  Tricentis just published its State of Mobile Application Quality Report 2024, where it found that 48% of testing professionals said that AI is already part of their mobile testing strategy. A further 21% … continue reading

Android 15 developer preview out now

The Android development team has just announced the first developer preview of Android 15.  “Android 15 continues our work to build a platform that helps improve your productivity while giving you new capabilities to produce superior media experiences, minimize battery impact, maximize smooth app performance, and protect user privacy and security all on the most … continue reading

Report: Slow mobile app releases cost over $100,000 in lost revenue per year for 75% of companies

It’s no surprise that slow development processes are costing companies greatly, but by how much? According to a new report by the mobile testing company Kobiton, 75% of respondents said slow mobile app releases cost their company at least $100,000 each year, and 13% said it costs them between $1 million and $10 million every … continue reading

Google shares new Google Play updates that prioritize high quality apps

Google is continuing its ongoing effort to make Google Play a place for finding high-quality applications. The company has announced a number of new features that Android developers should be aware of. Earlier this year, Google had announced that developers would now need to meet new verification requirements before publishing their apps.  In acknowledgment of … continue reading

Tricentis Delivers Unified, End-to-End Mobile Testing Solution–Tricentis Mobile

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tricentis, a global leader in continuous testing and quality engineering, today announced the addition of Virtual Mobile Grid to Tricentis Mobile, solidifying it as the most comprehensive, end-to-end mobile testing solution on the market. The Virtual Mobile Grid follows the recent announcements of Tricentis Device Cloud and the acquisition of Waldo. Tricentis Mobile allows software engineers and … continue reading

Flutter 3.13 released with Impeller improvements and API for foldables

The quarterly Flutter stable release version 3.13 introduces improvements to Impeller, Flutter’s new graphics renderer, and adds new Engine APIs for foldable devices. Impeller renderer on iOS optimizations have led to reduced latency, eliminating shader compilation issues and resulting in smoother performance. Additionally, some benchmarks show that Impeller now has improved average throughput, surpassing previous … continue reading

AWS announces Clickstream Analytics for mobile and web applications

With Clickstream Analytics, users can deploy an end-to-end solution on their AWS accounts that can capture, ingest, store, analyze, and visualize their customers’ clickstreams from their web and mobile applications. A clickstream is the path through clicking on hyperlinks that any particular user goes through when visiting a website or app.  Because this data can … continue reading

Eliminating environment concerns in mobile application testing

Test environments can be a frustrating bottleneck to the testing process and the software development life cycle as a whole. Whether it be unavailable services, devices, or ever-elusive test data, ensuring the right environment for testing creates potential for barriers to shifting left at speed, and cutting corners can put application quality and your business … continue reading

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