Think low-code is just for citizen developers? Think again

I’m a big believer in the power of low-code platforms to redefine who can create and how they work. And I believe that it can have a similarly transformative impact on professional developers.  While low-code development has had varying reception and pushback from professional developers, the technology is clearly the future. According to Gartner, by … continue reading

Hopping on the low-code locomotive

Will enterprise developers go loco for low-code, or will the whole concept someday become a no-go?  Until recently, analysts would lump low-code in with no-code and a host of tools offering some form of drag-and-drop ease that enables ‘citizen developers’ (meaning: non-developers) the means to deliver apps. But where should you start in thinking about … continue reading

CodeSec offers greater code scanning scope for developers

Contrast Security’s free new CodeSec tool was built to help developers secure code quicker without disrupting their workflows, as code scanning is becoming a bigger responsibility for dev teams. Developers are often forced to choose between antiquated enterprise tools that often lack UI functionality and don’t integrate with their workflow, or new developer-centric tools that … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Milvus

Milvus is an open-source vector database that is capable of managing large quantities of both structured and unstructured data to accelerate the development of next-generation data fabric.  According to Zilliz, the database company that created the project, Milvus is built for scalable similarity search used by enterprises spanning several industries. It also works with distributed … continue reading

Report: 93% of IT leaders struggle with application modernization

Cloud consulting company, Asperitas, has revealed the results of its survey on enterprise application modernization. The report showed that despite widespread agreement that there is value in application modernization, several enterprise IT executives are still struggling with the process. The survey looked at 150 IT leaders who have been involved with some sort of application … continue reading

The future of working in the Metaverse

Facebook’s transition into Meta and the teases that followed about the Metaverse have resulted in many questions that are still yet to be answered. While the buzz around virtual and augmented reality technology continues to grow, the potential of the Metaverse is seemingly endless.  Just as computers and the internet did all those years ago, … continue reading

New CI/CD configuration policies added to Checkov

Checkov, the open-source tool for finding infrastructure misconfigurations, has been updated with new CI/CD configuration policies. These policies can be applied across popular CI/CD frameworks like GitHub Actions, GitLab Runners, BitBucket Pipelines, CircleCI, and Argo.  Checkov has a developer-first approach to supply chain security, so it embeds these CI/CD policies directly into existing DevOps workflows … continue reading

Report: Companies are slow to make transition to SAP S/4HANA

Only a small portion of SAP users have finished making the transition to SAP S/4HANA, which is a version of SAP based on the HANA database, introduced in 2015. According to LeanIX, SAP S/4HANA redefines ERP systems and is the most notable SAP update since 1992 with the introduction of SAP R/3.  Twelve percent of … continue reading

Automated testing still lags

Automated testing initiatives still lag behind in many organizations as increasingly complex testing environments are met with a lack of skilled personnel to set up tests.  Recent research conducted by Forrester and commissioned by Keysight found that while only 11% of respondents had fully automated testing, 84% percent of respondents said that the majority of … continue reading

Harness releases Security Testing Orchestration

Harness Security Testing Orchestration (STO) was launched today to help businesses deliver value quicker by increasing velocity and security in deployments. The tool automates security scanning and governance in the software delivery process. Although DevSecOps gets rid of many late-stage security concerns, it also forces developers to balance quality and speed at which to deliver … continue reading

The biggest challenges facing developer managers today

The software development industry is one that is rapidly shifting and evolving. With new technological advancements coming onto the market everyday, managers of development teams need to be adaptable in their management style as well as persistent in overcoming roadblocks. As a manager, dealing with and overcoming challenges is inevitable. The real question is: which … continue reading

Opsera introduces GitCustodian to protect source code repositories

The team at Opsera, the Continuous Orchestration platform for DevOps, today announced the release of Opsera GitCustodian. This new solution is intended to alert security and DevOps teams of vulnerable data found in source code repositories so that they can prevent vulnerabilities from making it to production. GitCustodian also works to automate the remediation process … continue reading

Solving the issues with current documentation practices

When working on a development team, transparency and knowledge sharing are essential in order to keep track of changes in the code and limit vulnerabilities. This is why creating proper documentation should be considered a top priority for all developers. It is also why the consequences of missing or inadequate documentation can impede application updates … continue reading

Asking developers to do security is a risk in itself without training

As the pace and complexity of software development increases, organizations are looking for ways to improve the performance and effectiveness of their application security testing, including “shifting left” by integrating security testing directly into developer tools and workflows. This makes a lot of sense, because defects, including security defects, can often be addressed faster and … continue reading

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