Meta Open Source to donate Jest to the OpenJS Foundation

Meta Open Source has announced that Jest, its open-source JavaScript testing framework, is officially being transferred to the OpenJS Foundation. According to the company, this comes as an exciting next step as Jest continues to mature as an open-source project. This open-source project serves to enable developers to write high performance tests with little configuration … continue reading

Latest version of Android Studio now available

The Android development team announced the stable release of Android Studio Chipmunk, the latest version of the official IDE for building Android apps.  One new feature is the Compose Animation Preview which enables developers to inspect and debug animations that were built with Compose. They can inspect the exact values of each animated value at … continue reading

Software development: Product-driven or design-led?

Most software developers work within project-oriented teams, since most companies are not startup vendors that can constantly reinvent themselves and deliver hot new products to market. Upgrades, integration and modernization projects carry forward a sizable estate of already coded software assets and third-party service dependencies. I once pondered an alternative product-driven strategy for software organizations … continue reading

SD Times Healthcare Technology Handbook

SD Times Healthcare Industry Handbook

Table of Contents: 3  Technology takes health care into the 21st century 4  Cyber security steals the limelight as health care goes digital 6 Solving the data interoperability problem 8 The future of smart hospitals beyond COVID 10 CData tackles health data connectivity 12 Customer-centric cosmetics: How digital solutions can deliver a health care experience … continue reading

The Great Resignation is the Great Recruitment tool

A lot of attention has been given over the past year over the phenomenon of the Great Resignation: workers have been leaving their jobs at surprisingly high rates. According to data from the Pew Research Center, in November 2021, the rate of workers quitting their jobs rose to a 20-year high in the United States. … continue reading

How a connected deployment model can allow you to suit your users’ needs

Being able to put data in the cloud enables developers to create better applications faster, and also to deliver those applications in a way that suits both their needs and the needs of their customers.  One possible model for deployment is a Managed Deployment Model. This is a model in which the company is able … continue reading

Cloudflare working to define new API standards

Cloudflare announced that it is collaborating with Deno and individual core contributors of the Node.js open-source project to give developers choice when creating edge computing technology. Together they are forming the Web-interoperable Runtimes Community Group. The goal of the group is to create a common set of standards that will enable developers to write and … continue reading

Opsera and Mindtree announce partnership to help customers further their digital transformations

Opsera, the continuous orchestration platform for DevOps, and the technology services and digital transformation company, Mindtree, today announced that they are entering into a partnership. The combination of the companies is intended to enable enterprises to increase scale, speed-to-market, and customer satisfaction as they advance along their transformation journey. “We are confident that our partnership … continue reading

Inclusive user testing – and empathy – are core to inclusive design

Even before the pandemic, so much of our daily lives had become digital. Instead of meeting up in person, we’ve moved to FaceTime and Webex. Rather than go to a movie, we streamed the latest films at home. We moved our banking and food shopping online.  Today’s digital work surely rivals the physical world – … continue reading

What role do developers have in value stream management?

From an organizational level, creating and managing value streams plays an important role in eliminating wasteful processes and the time they take, enabling the company to focus on delivering value to their customers. At software companies – which many, many companies are today – the primary role of developers is delivering that value, in the … continue reading

Go: The language of cloud-native development

The Go programming language is continuing on a path of accelerated adoption and is beloved by the developers that use it. This is evidenced by several recent developer surveys, as well as sentiments expressed by developers who use the language.  In JetBrains’ 2021 State of Developer Ecosystem report, Go was among the top five languages … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Memray

Memray is an open-source memory profiler for Python, developed by Bloomberg. Bloomberg has over 3,000 software developers who code in Python, as well as a Python Infrastructure team to support those developers.  The team created Memray to enable developers to analyze their memory allocations, thus enabling them to reduce memory usage, find leaks, and identify … continue reading

Infrastructure as Code: Keeping developers productive, keeping organizations safe

Developers have always had a need for infrastructure. But with the need to update applications or websites quickly to take advantage of changing market conditions, the idea of asking IT to spin up an environment and having to wait sometimes days for it no longer works for organizations trying to keep pace. In short, developer … continue reading

Apple, Google, and Microsoft commit to expanding their support for FIDO Alliance

Apple, Google, and Microsoft today announced plans to expand support for a common passwordless sign-in standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium.  Whereas previous implementations of passwordless verification required users to sign in to each website or app with each device before they can use passwordless functionality, now users will … continue reading

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