Amazon announces new developer tools for building with Alexa

Amazon has unveiled the future of Alexa, revealing plans to harness the power of a specialized large language model (LLM) optimized for voice interactions. This development is expected to enhance the user experience with Alexa, making interactions more natural and conversational. The company emphasized the importance of involving developers in this journey to shape and … continue reading

GitHub expands Copilot Chat beta to Copilot for Individuals users

GitHub is expanding the beta of its Copilot Chat to all GitHub Copilot for Individuals users. Previously, only GitHub Copilot for Business users could access the beta of this new feature. This means that GitHub users can now take advantage of the beta on their personal GitHub accounts if they are paying for the Copilot … continue reading

Oracle CloudWorld: Semantic search in Oracle Database, OCI Generative AI service, and more

Developers will have a lot of new features to experiment with following a series of announcements from Oracle at Oracle CloudWorld. Some key highlights from the event include:  Semantic search in Oracle Database The company introduced AI Vector Search, which is a collection of semantic search features that include a vector data type, and vector … continue reading

Next.js 13.5 delivers 22% faster startup and optimized package imports

Vercel has announced the release of Next.js 13.5, which offers several improvements: 22% faster local server startup, 40% lessmemory usage, and optimized package imports.  The performance optimization have been driven by focusing on caching or minimizing slow operations, optimizing expensive file system operations, better incremental tree traversal during compilation, moving unnecessary blocking synchronous calls to … continue reading

Creatio shifts to composable architecture for its no-code platform

Creatio has launched Creatio Quantum, which marks a shift to a composable architecture. This architecture offers a hierarchy of pre-built components and blocks that empower users to create highly customized solutions using no-code.  This approach enables organizations to adapt quickly to changes, making application and workflow automation deployment faster and easier. Additionally, Creatio Quantum introduces … continue reading

ServiceNow helping companies address skills gap in new features of Now Platform

ServiceNow has announced new capabilities in the Vancouver release of the Now Platform to help companies address development skills gaps. According to a 2023 survey from The Manpower Group, 4 in 5 companies struggle to fill the roles they need. They found that the skills gap is the largest it has been in 17 years.  … continue reading

When only one SBOM will do, consider these formats

A software bill of materials (SBOM) is a tool designed to share detailed information on code components in a standardized way. The SBOM has become an increasingly important tool for both application security purposes and governmental compliance.  To minimize inconsistencies and encourage greater transparency, three primary SBOM formats have emerged, each of which allow companies to … continue reading

GitHub releases new tool to make migrations from Bitbucket easier

GitHub Enterprise Importer now supports repository migrations from Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center, and GitHub Actions Importer offers CI/CD migrations from Bitbucket and Bamboo. This coincides with the news that starting on February 15, 2024, Atlassian will stop providing technical support, security updates, and vulnerability fixes for their Server products like Bitbucket Server and … continue reading

Bard now connects to Google apps and services

Google has unveiled its most advanced model of its conversational AI, Bard, to date, introducing enhanced integration with Google apps and services to provide more helpful responses. Additionally, Bard has refined its “Google it” feature to verify answers, and its expanded capabilities are now available in a wider range of contexts and Google applications, including … continue reading

Java 21 adds virtual threads preview and generational ZGC

Java 21 is here, and it includes many improvements, such as the preview of virtual threads and the final version of the generational ZGC. Most updates in Java are categorized into different named projects. In this release the features come from three projects: Project Loom, which has to do with concurrency in Java; Project Panama, … continue reading

New Amazon Bedrock preview feature allows foundation models to connect to company data sources

AWS has announced a new feature that will let companies connect their own data sources to foundation models (FMs), which are general AI models that are trained on a large set of data and then can be adapted further for specific uses.   This is an extension of the company’s recent announcement for Amazon Bedrock that … continue reading

Perforce adds generative AI to test automation platform

Perforce Software, a DevOps solutions provider, has introduced Test Data Pro by BlazeMeter, an advanced component of its continuous testing platform.  Test Data Pro utilizes AI technology to streamline and make test data generation more accessible. The primary goal is to address the significant challenge of obtaining accurate and synchronized test data, which is particularly … continue reading

Actions to take to support women in technology

Despite the efforts in recent years to bring more women into tech, women still only make up less than a third of the STEM workforce, according to data from MIT. According to MIT, some of the actions that can be taken to increase these numbers include encouraging girls to pursue an education in STEM from … continue reading

Google Play updated with new features to keep users safer

Over the past few months, Google has provided updates on its significant privacy and security efforts, aiming to assist users in adapting to forthcoming changes and utilizing new tools and resources, such as improved account data transparency and controls available in the app’s Data Safety section and the introduction of new functionality for Android 14.  Google … continue reading

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