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Companies with DevOps practices are faster, more reliable and are 2x more likely to exceed profitability, market share and productivity goals.  But how to you enable high performance?  What can you do right now to start?

Find out from DevOps experts including Gene Kim, co-author of The DevOps Handbook, The Phoenix Project, and the Dynatrace Center of Excellence. You will learn:

  • The 3 ways to enable high performance
  • What high performing DevOps organizations look like
  • The hidden risks of DevOps
  • How to translate this to your real life in Dev and Ops
  • How to start now!

Whether you are just starting your DevOps journey or still considering how a DevOps transformation can help your organization, this eBook is a must read.

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White Papers

QA Strategies for Great Software Whatever Your Growth Stage

The challenge for a software company is figuring out how much QA is needed to meet customer expectations, without wasting resources that could be directed to more pressing problems. The answer depends on who your customers are, who your competitors are and where your business is in its funding cycle.

Download to learn:

  • How to choose between test coverage options including Headline, Regression and Edge cases.
  • The right Testing Stack based on your funding level.
  • The difference between Software QA for B2B and B2C companies.

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Netezza is a data warehouse that enables organization to store massive amounts of data for analysis and business insight. However, it is expensive, and doesn’t have capabilities required to handle a variety of data types. Hadoop provides inexpensive scaling of data, but doesn’t offer enterprise ETL functionality enterprises require.

The Cask Data Applicaton Platform gives organizations the ability to offload data from Netezza to Hadoop and fills in the gaps necessary for data integration, governance, security and administration.

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While every company has its own specific set of requirements for the NoSQL database technology that best fits its use case(s), there’s a core set of requirements that figure into most evaluations. Those requirements fall into eight categories: Data Access, Performance, Scalability, Availability, Multiple Data Centers, Big Data Integration, Administration, and Mobile. This paper delves deeply into each core requirement and provides a comparison of leading NoSQL databases against the eight core requirements.

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Date: Monday, May 8

Time: 8:30am PDT | 11:30 am EDT | 4:30pm BST

Join noted industry leader Gene Kim and others from DevOps world as they discuss their experiences and the latest practices for DevOps in the enterprise. Moderated by SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein, this lively exchange will include a question-and-answer session to give attendees the chance to speak directly to these experts.

Among the topics to be discussed are:
  • How you can effectively change your organization’s IT culture
  • The benefits of creating a DevOps environment
  • Shifting left: What it means and how to do it

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Organizations today are in chaos as many different teams use many different tools from many different vendors and find that few – if any – play nice and work together.
Many don’t realize this is a problem and see no reason to establish a software lifecycle integration strategy, but the nightmare is lying in wait and will soon show itself in the form of unhappy customers, missed deadlines, blown budgets, and a fragmented value stream.

This white paper introduces software delivery value stream integration, defining value streams and value stream integration and presents the 4 key characteristics of an effective lifecycle strategy, as well as several key day-to-day best practices. Continue reading to learn how to mitigate the chaos plaguing your software lifecycle process to develop a value stream and power your Agile and DevOps transformations.

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If your organization is suffering as a result of a fractured unintegrated software and deliver tool chain, then this white paper is for you. Weighing up the pros and cons of investing in a software development lifecycle solution versus building your own solution, this white paper:

  • Clarifies the key things to consider when exploring the world of SDLC
  • Discusses alternative solutions to Tasktop, their initial appeal and many downsides
  • Looks at the types of cost involved in building and delivering a SDLC solution
  • Explains how Tasktop helps you solve your integration issues and what it means for your organization over the short and long-term

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In today’s connected world, businesses are striving to create products that can be placed in the hands of users around the world, and have those products work seamlessly. But how do you ensure that your product or software works properly across all regions and operating systems? And how can you make it resonate culturally to create a great user experience? Language is typically an afterthought of development, however, infusing it into initial development stages results in better quality worldwide.

In this white paper, we walk you through real-world examples and challenges around testing in the international market. You’ll learn

  • How to avoid testing failures
  • The importance of user experience and in-market testing
  • Why having a detailed testing strategy and framework is the key to success

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Date: Tuesday, May 23

Time: 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT

The pace of software development requires you to work faster and smarter.  Whether you are just getting started or have millions of installations, understanding how your products are actually being used can help you to prioritize development while meeting customer requirements.

This webinar, featuring Keith Fenech, VP of Software Usage Analytics at Revulytics, will show you how collecting and analyzing software usage data can help developers make faster, more efficient decisions at all stages of the development lifecycle.

Learn how software usage analytics can help software developers answer key questions like:

  • Are my users actively using this feature or can we deprecate it?
  • Which versions, platforms, languages or architectures are my users on?
  • Where should I focus my QA efforts?
  • How should I prioritize bug fixes?
  • What issues are my beta users coming across, but not telling me about?
  • What are the adoption rates for new features and new versions post-release?

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Microservices are a type of software architecture where large applications are made up of small, self-contained units working together through APIs that are not dependent on a specific language. Each service has a limited scope, concentrates on a particular task and is highly independent. This setup allows IT managers and developers to build systems in a modular way. Read this eBook to gain a deep dive on the essentials of microservices, including the characteristics of the technology, its meaning as a business initiative.

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What exactly makes up a DevOps culture?

DevOps is about continuous delivery while maintaining quality, and it is only possible if the right tools are chosen to support relevant people and processes. This means that it is essential for the tools and applications used to develop, test, deploy, monitor, and manage applications all work seamlessly together.

This e-book breaks down the various foundational components that build up the transition to DevOps within an enterprise. It also introduces the continuous life cycle that maintains the integration and collaboration needed to deliver an exceptional end user experience with your applications.

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DevOps has already taken the IT world by storm, and it’s continuing to transform the way organizations develop, deploy, monitor, and maintain applications, along with underlying infrastructure. It’s quickly transitioning from a niche scope to a critical business outcome that all teams hoping to scale to digital transformation.

We collected the top 10 practices around DevOps your CIO and team need to know about to adopt the best model for success.

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