Luos is an open-source lightweight library that enables developers to develop and scale their edge and embedded distributed software. 

Developers can create portable and scalable packages that they can share with teams and communities and the project’s engine encapsulates embedded features in services with APIs, providing direct access to hardware. 

Remote control enables users to access the topology and routing table from anywhere and they can monitor their devices with several SDKs including Python, TS, Browser app, and others coming soon. Luos detects all services in a system and allows one to access and adapt to any feature anywhere. 

“Most of the embedded developments are made from scratch. By using the Luos engine, you will be able to capitalize on the development you, your company, or the Luos community already did. The re-usability of features encapsulated in Luos engine services will fasten the time your products reach the market and reassure the robustness and the universality of your applications,” the developers behind the project wrote on its website. 

Additional features that Luos can power include event-based polling, service aliases management, data auto-update, self healing and more.