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Linux Foundation forms Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance

The Linux Foundation has recently launched the Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance (PQCA), a collaborative effort aimed at advancing and facilitating the adoption of post-quantum cryptography in response to the emerging threats of quantum computing.  This alliance assembles diverse stakeholders, including industry leaders, researchers, and developers, focusing on creating high-assurance software implementations of standardized algorithms. The initiative … continue reading

AWS launches SaaS Quick Launch for easier deployment of SaaS apps

AWS is making it easier for companies to deploy applications from the AWS Marketplace in their environment with the release of SaaS Quick Launch.  According to AWS, this new capability will solve a previous challenge of deploying applications, which could require hours to set up permissions policies and cloud infrastructure.  Manually configuring these also introduced … continue reading

Amazon SageMaker gets improved deployment experience, new inference capabilities, and more

During its AWS re:Invent event today, AWS announced several updates to Amazon SageMaker, which is a platform for building, training, and deploying machine learning models.  It introduced new features that are designed to improve the model deployment experience, including the introduction of new classes in the SageMaker Python SDK: ModelBuilder and SchemaBuilder.  ModelBuilder, selects a … continue reading

News from Amazon at AWS re:Invent 2023 Day 2

Amazon re:Invent continues today, and so does Amazon’s list of announcements. Here are some of the announcements the company made today at the event: Amazon Q AI assistant announced Amazon Q is a new generative AI-based assistant that is designed to help employees complete tasks related to their jobs. For example, it can help a … continue reading

Third-party vendor announcements from Day 2 of AWS re:Invent

Amazon re:Invent continues today, and a number of companies have made more announcements on Day 2 of the event. Here are a few highlights: New integrations between Cisco ThousandEyes and Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor This new integration will provide customers with even greater visibility into cloud deployments. They can use these insights to optimize their … continue reading

What Amazon announced at AWS re:Invent so far

AWS re:Invent kicked off today, and Amazon has already made a number of announcements, including product updates, performance improvements, and better integrations among services. Here are some highlights from the event so far:  Cost Optimization Hub provides recommendations for cost saving This is a new section in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. It … continue reading

News from third-party providers out of AWS re:Invent

AWS re:Invent kicked off today, and along with a number of announcements from Amazon itself, a number of third-party software providers also announced new integrations with AWS, partnerships, or other features that AWS customers can utilize. Here are a few highlights from the event:  Salesforce and AWS expand partnership  The two companies have been working … continue reading

Neo4j announces partnership with AWS to reduce AI hallucinations

Neo4j entered into a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS in a collaboration that aims to enhance generative AI outcomes by combining knowledge graphs and native vector search.  The goal is to reduce generative AI hallucinations, making results more accurate, transparent, and explainable. This partnership addresses a common challenge for developers working with LLMs, … continue reading

Amazon DataZone enables collaboration on data across an organization

Amazon is releasing a new data management service to enable collaboration on data between different areas of an organization. Amazon DataZone enables cataloging, discovery, analysis, sharing, and governance of data between its producers and consumers.  The data producers provide the data catalog with structured data assets, and then consumers can subscribe to those assets and … continue reading

New Amazon Bedrock preview feature allows foundation models to connect to company data sources

AWS has announced a new feature that will let companies connect their own data sources to foundation models (FMs), which are general AI models that are trained on a large set of data and then can be adapted further for specific uses.   This is an extension of the company’s recent announcement for Amazon Bedrock that … continue reading

AWS announces Clickstream Analytics for mobile and web applications

With Clickstream Analytics, users can deploy an end-to-end solution on their AWS accounts that can capture, ingest, store, analyze, and visualize their customers’ clickstreams from their web and mobile applications. A clickstream is the path through clicking on hyperlinks that any particular user goes through when visiting a website or app.  Because this data can … continue reading

AWS announces three major updates to Application Migration Service

AWS has announced a few major updates to its Application Migration Service, which helps simplify and expedite the process of migrating applications to AWS.  One of the new updates is Global View, which allows admins to manage migrations across multiple different accounts. It uses AWS Organizations to create management accounts, which can access servers from … continue reading

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