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AWS announces three major updates to Application Migration Service

AWS has announced a few major updates to its Application Migration Service, which helps simplify and expedite the process of migrating applications to AWS.  One of the new updates is Global View, which allows admins to manage migrations across multiple different accounts. It uses AWS Organizations to create management accounts, which can access servers from … continue reading

AWS and DeepLearning.AI launch course on LLMs

DeepLearning.AI and AWS unveiled a new course called Generative AI with Large Language Models on Coursera.  This hands-on course aims to equip data scientists and engineers with the skills needed to become proficient in utilizing large language models (LLMs) for practical applications. Participants will gain expertise in various aspects, including selecting appropriate models, training them … continue reading

AWS announces new investment in generative AI

AWS unveiled the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center program to support customers in the successful development and implementation of generative AI solutions.  With a significant investment of $100 million, AWS will facilitate collaboration between its AI and ML experts and customers worldwide, providing assistance in conceptualizing, designing, and launching innovative generative AI products, services, and … continue reading

Amazon introduces new way to manage authentication in applications

Amazon Verified Permissions centralizes user permissions in a policy store, which developers can then use to authorize those users to perform certain actions in their applications.  According to Amazon, this felt like a necessary feature to create because of the significant effort required to implement authentication in an application. Typically, the logic for authorization happens … continue reading

AWS Glue Data Quality delivers high-quality data across data lakes and pipelines

AWS announced the availability of AWS Glue Data Quality, which delivers high-quality data across data lakes and pipelines.  A vast number of users establish data lakes, but without data quality, these can transform into data swamps, according to AWS. Establishing data quality is an intricate and lengthy procedure. It necessitates manual scrutiny and the formulation … continue reading

Open Source Summit: AWS open sources Cedar, SPDX Release Candidate 3.0, and OpenSSF updates

Open Source Summit North America is taking place this week in Vancouver. The event, hosted by the Linux Foundation, is a celebration of the open source community. It has the support of many major players in the industry, with news announced during the event coming from AWS, Meta, and more.  Here are highlights of the … continue reading

Amazon CodeWhisperer brings AI-assisted development to AWS

The newly launched CodeWhisperer is a tool that uses AI-generated suggestions to help developers maintain their focus and stay productive by allowing them to write code quickly and securely without disrupting their workflow by leaving their IDE to look up information. The tool is especially useful for creating code for routine and time-consuming tasks, and … continue reading

Zendesk and AWS announce partnership to offer more personalized customer service at scale

Cloud-based customer service company Zendesk today announced a five-year strategic collaboration agreement with AWS in order to help organizations offer personalized customer experiences at scale. The partnership is geared at assisting businesses in providing users with accelerated, tailored, and conversational experiences spanning every channel while also working to enhance support operations with AI tools, bots, … continue reading

AWS Clean Rooms enables analysis of data from multiple entities

Amazon is attempting to make it easier to analyze data while preserving privacy. It has announced the release of AWS Clean Rooms, which allows multiple parties to pull in their collective data and analyze it.  According to Amazon, there are many reasons why different parties would need to do this. For example, in marketing, brands, … continue reading

AWS releases Amazon Linux 2023 to offer heightened security and cloud optimization

AWS recently announced the release of Amazon Linux 2023, the third generation of AWS’s Linux operating systems. According to the company, this release is geared at offering users enhanced security, optimization for the cloud, and long-term AWS support. With this release, users gain heightened security standards with new preconfigured policies that simplify the process of … continue reading

AWS re:Invent: Amazon CodeCatalyst, AWS Step Functions distributed map, and more

AWS re:Invent is coming to a close today, but the company hasn’t stopped making announcements.  Check here for recaps from the previous days:  Day 1  Day 2 Here are the latest updates from the event:  Amazon previews CodeCatalyst CodeCatalyst is a platform for software developers to plan, develop, collaborate on, build, and deliver applications on … continue reading

AWS re:Invent: OpenSearch Serverless, AWS DataZone, and more

Amazon’s annual technology event AWS re:Invent kicked off on Monday, and throughout the week the company has been making exciting announcements at the event.  The latest highlights from the event include:  Amazon previews OpenSearch Serverless This new offering will enable customers to do analytics on their data without having to manage any of the underlying … continue reading Protection Status