Amazon re:Invent continues today, and a number of companies have made more announcements on Day 2 of the event.

Here are a few highlights:

New integrations between Cisco ThousandEyes and Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor

This new integration will provide customers with even greater visibility into cloud deployments. They can use these insights to optimize their AWS instances and monitoring coverage, Cisco explained. 

Additionally, Cisco also announced new business metrics in Cisco Cloud Observability, which improves business context in observability. Customers can now view multiple business metrics in a single transaction, easily identify business transactions in troubleshooting, access advanced KPI visualizations, and segment data by attribute values. 

NVIDIA announces partnership with Amazon

Together the companies will provide advanced infrastructure, software, and services to run generative AI applications on. 

AWS will bring NVIDIA’s GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips to its cloud. In addition, NVIDIA’s GH200 NVL32 multi-node platform, which uses NVLink and NVSwitch to connect up to 32 Grace Hopper Superchips, will be available on Amazon EC2 instances. 

AWS will also host NVIDIA DGX Cloud, which is an AI-training-as-a-service offering. The companies are also collaborating on Project Ceiba, which is a plan to build the “world’s fastest GPU-powered AI supercomputer.”

And finally, AWS will introduce three new Amazon EC2 instances that are powered by NVIDIA GPUs: P5e, G6, and G6e. 

Armory supports deployments to AWS Lambda

The company added a unified declarative deployment capability for AWS Lambda, which enables customers to configure Lambda deployments in the same interface used for Kubernetes workloads. 

“Developers have consistently requested the ability to seamlessly deploy to Lambda across their various environments. We’ve been listening, and today’s update is the definitive answer — and solution — to this common query,” said Adam Frank, SVP of product and marketing at Armory. “Armory’s newest capability eliminates the need for custom scripts and gives teams a consistent way to define Lambda deployment workflows, accelerating development cycles for serverless applications and creating a far more developer-friendly workflow.”

Zesty launches compression feature

The new compression feature in Zesty Disk can compress Amazon EBS storage by 50% and can reduce cloud storage costs by up to 70%, the company claims. 

Zesty Disk is also now available in the AWS Marketplace, which makes it easier for customers to install and use it. It also increases the integration between Zesty’s dashboard data and AWS billing.