Jaspersoft, maker of the world’s most widely used business intelligence (BI) software, and Ingres, pioneers of the breakthrough analytic database, VectorWise, today announced Jaspersoft VM powered by VectorWise, a free trial software package that combines the Jaspersoft 4 Enterprise BI Suite and the VectorWise analytic database. With this offer, business intelligence professionals can access and analyze complex data at the speed of thought.  
Companies that run on or rely on data to do business need to extract insights as quickly as possible to maximize and monetize their data. This evaluation environment from Jaspersoft and Ingres delivers the record breaking speed of the Ingres VectorWise analytics database coupled with the power and utility of Jaspersoft’s BI suite. Customers can load their data sets into the Jaspersoft VM powered by VectorWise evaluation environment and run near real-time BI analysis and reporting on large datasets giving companies the flexibility they need at an affordable cost.
“Business intelligence professionals are often hampered by too much data and complex calculations when they just need to get analysis to their managers,” said Steve Shine, co-president at Ingres. “Jaspersoft VM powered by VectorWise enables BI professionals to deliver reports in seconds rather than minutes in order to better do their jobs.”
The Jaspersoft 4 BI Enterprise edition is the most flexible, cost effective, and widely used BI software in the world, built for the most demanding business intelligence requirements. It includes additional capabilities such as data integration, online analytical processing (OLAP analysis), and audit logging as well as a multi-tenant SaaS deployment option. It also includes professional quality technical support and commercial licensing protection.

VectorWise, a record breaking database for interactive reporting, unlocks the power of modern commodity CPUs with a database engine that leverages vector-based processing and on-chip memory to provide dramatic performance gains over other databases.   No other database enables faster performance without requiring more hardware or extensive tuning. Customers and partners have reported 10-70X improvements.

“Jaspersoft VM powered by VectorWise is a complementary package for companies who have yet to leverage accelerated analytics applications or experience the modern, easy-to-use reporting capabilities in Jaspersoft BI,” said Jim Bell, CMO of Jaspersoft. ” With a few easy clicks, Jaspersoft and Ingres are enabling customers to reap the benefits of full BI deployments that run at amazing speeds.”