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Low-code company Bpm’online has announced that it is rebranding to Creatio. It announced the name change in an unusual way.

Bpm’online employees took to the sky to make the announcement. 160 employees, including the CEO, announced the name change in an elaborate skydiving performance.

The company is holding a renaming celebration where attendees can view the footage of the stunt. According to the company, the employees volunteered to participate, and for many it was their first time skydiving.

Bpm’online explained that the reason for the name change is that they wanted a name that would better reflect their vision, which is creating a world in which any business idea could be automated in minutes.

“We wanted our renaming announcement to be truly one of a kind. While brainstorming for a creative way to reveal our new name, we came up with the idea of launching it in the sky. The whole team loved the idea so much that we accepted it immediately,” said Katherine Kostereva, CEO and managing partner at bpm’online. “We were expecting a couple of employees to want to skydive, but were happily surprised to find out that over 160 of our own staff were eager to participate. I was so inspired that I joined in too!”