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Evans Data: Android apps are developed faster than iOS, Windows Phone apps

New survey from Evans Data reveals Android apps have the shortest development time … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Apple patents adaptable iOS interface that detects motion

Phone sensors would detect what kind of motion the user is in, as well as screen angle … continue reading

SD Times Blog: iOS came out on top this holiday season

Report finds the bulk of online sales from mobile devices on Christmas came from iOS users rather than Android users … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Cyber Monday sets new mobile sales record as iOS tops Android

IBM report breaks down how these two competitors fared against each other … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Google goes back to its roots for 15th anniversary, unveils a slew of updates

Hummingbird, Knowledge Graph and Google Now cards will be seeing action in the near future … continue reading

Software industry reacts to Apple’s iOS 7 and iPhone 5s, 5c announcements

New models are met with a mixture of praise and skepticism … continue reading

Apple unveils iPhone 5s and 5c, reveals iOS 7 release date

iPhone 5s is first phone to have a 64-bit processor, company says … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Apple’s big announcement tomorrow: Real and rumored

New versions of the iPhone and iOS are expected to be announced, but what else could possibly be coming? … continue reading

SD Times Blog: iOS 6 and OS X vulnerability could be exploited to crash apps

The problem lies in WebKit and involves using SMS texts or iMessages … continue reading

Seventy-nine percent of mobile malware attacks directed at Android OS

Large market share and open-source architecture put a hacker bullseye on Android’s back … continue reading

Asynchrony completes software development of SDKs to support Simplify Commerce by MasterCard

SDK allows iOS and Android e-commerce or mobile commerce payments regardless of payment brand … continue reading

SD Times Blog: The price of being the 800-pound gorilla

Apple should embrace its dominant role in order to help Microsoft out (paradoxically) … continue reading

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