A new Kickstarter project hopes to mold iOS novices into capable iOS developers. The project, created by developer Mark Petherbridge from the United Kingdom, hopes to create an online development course that will teach participants how to build iPhone and iPad apps using Objective-C.

“Coming from a university, I know how hard it is to actually be able to acquire a job without the necessary skills,” he said. “Technology is fundamental nowadays, and so is learning the new devices and being able to create applications.”

Petherbridge focuses on iOS because he believes it is the best platform on the market at the moment.

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“I suppose you could call me an ‘Apple Fanboy.’ I just like the intuitive, simple and clean feeling that you get when using an Apple product,” he said.

Petherbridge is the founder of an iOS application development blog called iOS-Blog, and now he wants to create a course where developers learn by doing.

The Kickstarter project is looking to raise £2,000 (US$3,350) by May 23. If fully funded, an online learning management system will be created, so anyone with access to the Internet can access the iOS development course.

The course will consist of different sections, based on skill level, aimed at guiding participants through developing their own applications. Each section will include detailed video tutorial modules, and at the end of each section there will be an online quiz to recap what participants learned.

The first section will go over the basics of developing an iOS app, which Petherbirdge believed is helpful for experienced developers as well as beginners.

“I always find myself recapping even the basics,” he said. “It’s just like when you re-watch a film, and the second time around you see something you didn’t before that makes everything click even more.”