A fresh approach to load testing with StormRunner Load

Performance anomalies hurt application consistency. Today’s anomaly detection methods, though, add complexity and delay to the website load testing process. HPE StormRunner Load implements “hierarchical” website load testing in a two-step approach. Find out how HPE’s load-testing tool uses powerful analytics to visualize and spot anomalies and performance problems and find root causes using real-time metrics. … continue reading

A CTO’s Guide to Continuous Testing

Continuous testing helps bridge the gap between developing quickly and maintaining high quality products. But to implement continuous testing, CTOs must take a strategic approach to building a testing infrastructure and toolset that empowers their team to move fast. Download our guide to laying the groundwork for a scalable continuous testing strategy. … continue reading

API Security: A Guide to securing your digital channels

Malicious assaults and denial-of-service attacks are increasingly targeting enterprise applications as back-end systems become more accessible and usable through cloud, mobile and in on-premise environments. The API is a major point of vulnerability, given its ability to offer programmatic access to external parties with few organically available controls. Security, therefore, is an essential element of … continue reading

API essentials for every stakeholder

APIs, by virtue of their openness and utility, tend to touch many areas of an IT organization. As a result, API success usually means devising an API strategy that will serve the diverse needs of people in various roles who rely on them. The right tooling for API design and management are essential to ensure … continue reading

Enterprise API adoption patterns

Moments of technology-driven inflection in business are often hard to spot because they occur more slowly than the hype cycle might hope. This is the case with enterprise adoption of APIs. It has been tricky to identify enterprise API adoption patterns because API use is often at multiple levels of maturity within the same organization. … continue reading

Guidelines to Eliminate the PMO Information Scavenger Hunt

Project management is critical to quality software delivery, so it stands to reason that your PMO must be best-equipped to support all project managers with visibility across the software lifecycle. This guide helps you do just that by: Emphasizing the important role that the PMO plays in a modern organization Highlighting the key factors that … continue reading

The Hard Truth About Integrating Software Development Tools

Your software development and delivery teams work in their best of breed tools to optimize their job – yet the benefits are not felt across the whole software lifecycle. Important data is siloed, and the quality and speed of software delivery is suffering as result, undermining an organization’s ability to effectively scale Agile and DevOps … continue reading

Deep Linking is Not Enough:

If you have ever wondered how “deep linking” came to be both a buzzword and an industry dirty word at the same time, here is the answer. Learn about the players, the technology, and the solution to the impending crisis of content discovery on the internet, because it is clear today that deep linking is … continue reading

How to Set Up An Android Smart App Banner:

A step-by-step guide to building a smart app banner for your Android app. What is a smart app banner? It uses a fraction of the screen on a mobile website to inform and encourage users to open the native app, or install it if they don’t if they don’t have it. It’s a smart link that … continue reading

From Web to Digital Experience: The Revolution in End-User Monitoring

If you’ve embraced digital business but are still using yesterday’s web monitoring technologies, you’re going to fall behind your competitors. Download the latest report from Catchpoint featuring Gartner research, to learn how to enhance your digital business strategy with digital experience monitoring and deliver amazing experiences to your customers. This premium content includes a complimentary … continue reading

5 Ways to Bring Quality Software Products to Market Faster

A lot of things go into making quality software products — requirements, tests, source code, feedback and more. These usually are created and stored in disparate tools and systems, creating a problem of cohesion when trying to derive value from them in building out the software product. There is a great need for managing information … continue reading

Solving database deployments with database DevOps

According to the 2016 State of DevOps report, high-performing IT organizations have 2,555 times shorter lead times and 200 times more frequent deployments. This speed of delivery is critical to business success but the database is commonly a bottleneck. Read this free whitepaper to find out more about including the database in your continuous delivery … continue reading

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