In this SD Times Live! webinar hosted by News Editor Jenna Barron and Chief Methodologist Andrew Sales – SAFe 6.0 emphasizes increasing the enterprise’s ability to provide a continuous flow of value to its customers. Flow is characterized by a smooth transition of work through the entire value stream with a minimum of handoffs, delays, and rework. All individuals and teams in the value stream must be tightly synchronized around value-creating activities. Otherwise, delivery is impeded by unnecessary interruptions. Ultimately, Flow becomes the criteria for measuring improvements of a SAFe Enterprise and achieving the responsiveness required by Business Agility. In SAFe, we consider flow to be present when teams, trains, and the portfolio can quickly, continuously, and efficiently deliver quality products and services from trigger to value. This is accomplished in SAFe 6.0 through an increased emphasis on Lean Thinking, new guidance on Portfolio, Solution Train, ART, and Team Flow, and an updated SAFe Principle #6, “Make Value Flow Without Interruptions’. Collectively these updates describe the eight fundamental properties of a value flow system and how to measure and accelerate flow at every level to improve value delivery. Protection Status