Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announces version 18 of its ImageGear Professional software development kit (SDK) in three editions for DLL 64-bit, DLL 32-bit, and ActiveX development.

The ImageGear Professional SDK gives developers the tools they need to add high-performance imaging capabilities such as scanning, compression, annotation, image editing, and color image processing to their applications, and is the imaging SDK of choice for many of the world’s leading software developers.

Version 18 builds on the powerful optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities in the DLL 32-bit edition. The accuracy of OCR results have been improved, with a 48% increase in accuracy for PDF files in Western languages and a whopping 69% increase for Asian Languages. Languages are detected automatically now, so scanning of jobs wherein the language may change from document to document or page to page can run unattended. Processing speed has been boosted as well, with performance improvements as high as 45% on multi-core machines processing multipage PDF files. And all the OCR power of the DLL 32-bit edition is now available in the DLL 64-bit edition as well.

Support for very large image files — such as the increasingly large files produced in the medical, photographic and publishing industries — has been improved in version 18. Images up to 2 GB are supported in the DLL 32-bit version, while in the 64-bit version the maximum image file size is limited only by the available disk space — images can even exceed the size of the installed RAM and paging file.

Applications built with ImageGear Professional can now load and save image files with Unicode symbols in their file names, preventing the need to rename files. They can update metadata in TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000 and JPX image files with Unicode symbols in their file names, and load, display and save Unicode text strings in vector files (SVG, DWG, DXF and DWF). The new version features many smaller enhancements as well, such as support for new PDF and PS file formats, and improved annotation “burn in” for images containing alpha channels.

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