, a leader in AI-driven software testing, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking new product Sapient Codeless. This innovative solution marks a significant departure from traditional methods, introducing a completely novel way of conducting unit testing in software development with artificial intelligence that reduces more than 50% of the code to manage for developers.

Traditional unit testing, while essential for ensuring software quality, requires extensive and complex code that must be maintained alongside the application it tests; for systems where reliability is crucial, the test-to-code ratio can be as high as 5:1. Sapient Codeless retains the unit-level focus — testing the smallest parts of an application to ensure functionality — but revolutionizes the ‘how’ by eliminating the need for writing or maintaining any boilerplate code. This allows developers to devote their time to more innovative and strategic tasks.

“As the world’s first platform to offer a truly codeless approach at the unit testing level, Sapient Codeless challenges and innovates the status quo of software quality assurance,” said Rishi Singh, CEO of “While AI coding assistants – like GitHub CoPilot – have recently reduced the cost of writing code, they merely enhance existing methodologies and often result in an accumulation of additional code. What is needed is a radical rethinking with a codeless approach, enabling developers to focus exclusively on the outcomes of the tests and that’s why we are introducing Sapient Codeless today.”

Key Features and Benefits

  • Codeless Testing Method: Unlike traditional approaches that require manual coding, Sapient Codeless automates the entire unit testing process. By utilizing advanced AI to analyze and generate declarative tests based on method inputs and outputs, it liberates developers from the burden of handling boilerplate code.
  • Testing Fundamentals: By maintaining a focus on the unit level — where individual components are tested for functionality — ensures comprehensive coverage without the overhead of test code.
  • Simplified Process: The user-friendly interface streamlines testing management for developers, resulting in higher accuracy and accelerated development cycles, ultimately enabling faster innovation.
  • Adaptability to Changes: Automatically adapts to changes in the codebase, ensuring tests remain up to date and relieving developers from the task of test maintenance.
Transforming Unit Testing
Sapient Codeless is set to transform how developers approach unit tests. By abstracting away the coding aspect traditionally associated with unit tests, Sapient Codeless enables developers to focus solely on the outcomes of the tests — not on writing and updating test scripts. This shift not only streamlines the development process, but also significantly reduces the potential for errors and the time spent on debugging and maintenance.

Impact on the Industry
“Sapient Codeless delivers a codeless approach to unit testing and software quality assurance. By challenging traditional methods, this innovative platform promises to redefine industry standards, making rigorous testing more accessible and less cumbersome for developers across diverse sectors,” states Paul Nashawaty, Practice Lead at Futurum Group. “Our Futurum research indicates that the trend of incorporating testing into the CI/CD pipeline is increasing across organizations, further underscoring the significance of Sapient Codeless in the evolving landscape of software development.”

Customer Testimonial
“We are enthusiastic about the potential of Sapient Codeless,” said Ron Teeter, CTO at Rival, provider of Talent Acquisition suites for HR teams. The shift to a codeless model promises to enhance our efficiency significantly, allowing us to focus more on feature development and less on test maintenance. We believe this innovative approach – which helps fill the shortcomings inherent with AI coding assistants – will transform software testing.”