ScyllaDB has announced the release of version 6.0 of its database, which features a new replication architecture called “tablets.”

The new architecture builds on the Raft consensus protocol and provides improvements to elasticity, speed, simplicity, and efficiency. ScyllaDB claims that now clusters can be doubled within 15 minutes, and their throughput in that same time period is quadruple what it used to be.

“With ScyllaDB’s new tablets architecture, data is dynamically redistributed as the workload and topology evolve. New nodes can be spun up in parallel and start adapting to the load in near real-time. This means teams can quickly scale out in response to traffic spikes – satisfying latency SLAs without needing to overprovision ‘just in case,’” the company explained in its announcement. 

According to the company, tablets are ideal for scenarios where there will be varying traffic volume throughout the day, unexpected spikes, or major events that will increase traffic to an unknown amount, such as sporting events or Black Friday.

The company will be sharing additional details on the new architecture and its performance improvements later this year at its P99 Conf on October 23-24. 

“We used to define ScyllaDB as the power of Cassandra at the speed of Redis,” said Dor Laor, co-founder and CEO of ScyllaDB. “With the ScyllaDB 6.0 release, we add a third pillar to the equation: the usability of DynamoDB.  

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