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ScyllaDB 6.0 debuts with new replication architecture for greater elasticity

ScyllaDB has announced the release of version 6.0 of its database, which features a new replication architecture called “tablets.” The new architecture builds on the Raft consensus protocol and provides improvements to elasticity, speed, simplicity, and efficiency. ScyllaDB claims that now clusters can be doubled within 15 minutes, and their throughput in that same time … continue reading

ScyllaDB V launches with a focus on extreme scale databases

ScyllaDB has announced the latest release of its NoSQL database. It has launched the fifth generation of the database, ScyllaDB V, and the first iteration of this new generation is ScyllaDB 5.0.  According to the company, generation I focused on performance, II focused on parity with Apache Cassandra, III focused on moving ScyllaDB into the … continue reading

SD Times news digest: ScyllaDB’s open-source Amazon DynamoDB-compatible API, Snyk raises $70 million, and Skytap collaborates with Microsoft

ScyllaDB announced the Alternator project, an open-source software that enables application and API-level compatibility between Scylla and Amazon DynamoDB.  This will allow users to migrate to an open source database that runs on any cloud platform, on-premise, bare-metal, virtual machines or Kubernetes.  “Alternator gives developers the ability to control the number of replicas and the … continue reading

SD Times news digest: PipelineDB 0.9.9, ScyllaDB raises $10 million, and Morpheus Data updates cloud management platform

PipelineDB is one step closer to its 1.0 release with the announcement of PipelineDB 0.9.9. PipelineB  According to the team, the latest release marks major progress to becoming a standard PostgreSQL extension. Updates include PipelineDB objects becoming created directly using standard PostgreSQL syntax, streams are now simply foreign tables, and detailed performance metrics. The team … continue reading Protection Status