Users poke around OS X ‘Mavericks’

Beta users are mostly happy with what they’ve seen so far, but what does the new OS have to offer? … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Moving beyond HTTPS protocols: The need for forward secrecy in network structures

Edward Snowden’s revelations have shown that HTTPs is not as secure as we’ve been led to believe … continue reading

Developers chime in on iOS 7 SDK builds

How are Apple’s tools and support being met ahead of iOS 7’s fall release date? … continue reading

SD Times Blog: What training could be (part 2)

The results of Molyjam Deux produced the kinds of projects that show what developers left to their own devices can do … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Molyjam: What training could be (part 1)

Developers, when given a task, sort themselves out to produce something weird. Is that not the ideal development environment? … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Microsoft adds 3D printer support, shows opportunities for open-source community

The open-source 3D printing community has proven itself to be innovative, and this is a big help … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Bloomberg, Nextdoor and the neighborhood social network that could be

What can open-source developers do when one company runs a citywide service? … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Lessons to learn from the Zynga bloodbath

The wasted potential of the OMGPOP acquisition is a cautionary tale about squandering talent in your midst … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Google, Oracle and Java legal soup

Oracle’s copyright battle is understandable, but the company is making the wrong move regarding open source … continue reading

SD Times Blog: When iCloud development breaks, and how to fix it

The Soulmen’s Max Seelemann talks about how he overcame issues encountered in Apple’s cloud … continue reading

Competing for solutions is the Kaggle way

Crowdsourcing site uses cash and the pursuit of glory to get coders to solve data problems … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Google Glass, meet the hacker community

Google’s tacit acceptance of hackers tinkering with Glass is a welcome development … continue reading

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