Rackspace aims for a cloud platform based on Linux model

The company’s partnership with NASA aims to create open standards on interoperability … continue reading

Tomcat update reduces memory leaks

Improvements mean that memory use won’t be shut down as often; other patches have been included in the release … continue reading

Oracle brings Coherence to data analytics

Increased security, live data update and expanded support for transactional data are new features added by this update … continue reading

Telerik pushes design, testing tools

The latest milestone release also has tools that cut down on the size of RadControls and Silverlight components … continue reading

Dotfuscator targets Windows Phone 7

PreEmptive’s analytics solution has a new application runtime based on Silverlight 3 and parts of Silverlight 4 … continue reading

Nastel pushes performance monitoring as a virtual appliance

Nastel’s suite is now preconfigured into VMware images, allowing for faster pre-adjustment of monitoring systems … continue reading

Watts Humphrey shares his ‘Reflections on Management,’ Part II

In the second part of our interview, Humphrey talks requirements and team cohesion … continue reading

Cloudera gathers up open-source components for Hadoop

Eight projects will be bundled along with the distribution to ease enterprise-grade adoption of map/reduce … continue reading

Talend pulls Hadoop into data integration platform

Petabytes of data can be handled in Talend’s system, and the integration removes the need for separate tooling … continue reading

Business Rules Server fleshes out WSO2 platform

The server is built according to the OSGi specification. It uses the JBoss Drools rules engine by default … continue reading

Startup creates development framework for Hadoop

Karmasphere offers tools to reduce the complexity of running map/reduce jobs … continue reading

Supreme Court strikes down Bilski patent claim

But experts say the ruling in the Bilski case still leaves much confusion … continue reading

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