What to do when you lose your SharePoint advocate

If you don’t prepare for the departure of your advocate, your SharePoint implementation risks running aground … continue reading

The blind upgrade

Don’t take your SharePoint upgrade lightly; planning and resources will be needed to avoid big problems … continue reading

What’s YOUR strategy? Part 2

In order to get your strategy off the ground, you must convince the business side to join in … continue reading

What’s YOUR strategy?

Your strategy relies on you understanding your role as well as the goals of your organization … continue reading

Setting your SharePoint objectives

Clearly and early-defined objectives prevent confusion and frustration from setting in … continue reading

SharePoint resolutions

Five things you can do this year (or any year) to get the most out of your SharePoint deployment … continue reading

Governing Office 365 requires a solid strategy

There are many things that can go wrong with a deployment, but these tips will help you see them coming and be prepared … continue reading

Is SharePoint an enterprise application?

If you don’t use SharePoint the right way, you’ll be wasting its potential for your organization … continue reading

SharePoint predictions

Following SPTechCon, users can expect to see these changes and adjustments to and around SharePoint … continue reading

The SharePoint App Model

The App Model provides numerous benefits, but beware of the potential drawbacks … continue reading

The importance of document management

Document management in SharePoint should be considered as critical as line-of-business systems … continue reading

SharePoint 2013: Tips for strategic alignment

Pay particular attention to the social aspects of SharePoint, as they can enhance your in-house use of it … continue reading

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