Spicing up SharePoint 2013 with Workflows

Easy to install and a cinch to use, Workflows will help you be a better SharePoint administrator … continue reading

SharePoint spring cleaning

Here are some tips to keep your SarePoint backups at a manageable size … continue reading

Getting Ready for SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1

Todd Klindt walks users through preparing for the first major update to SharePoint 2010 … continue reading

Don’t Forget About Search Server

Todd Klindt goes over the considerations one should take regarding the kind of search engine they want for the deployment … continue reading

Making the Case for MySites

MySites let users create their own site collections, which can act as an individual developer’s personal “website” … continue reading

Share Pointers: Making the Case for MySites

MySites gives SharePoint novices a place to learn the system without potentially breaking a wider SharePoint deployment … continue reading

Spotlight on 2010: Giddy with Anticipation

Todd Klindt shows you places where you can gear up for your impementation of SharePoint 2010 … continue reading

Share Pointers: Patches and Collateral Damage

Sometimes a patch in an even unrelated system ends up bringing down your SharePoint installation … continue reading

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