Recently, Catch Software released Enterprise Tester 4.9, which made some technical upgrades to deliver better performance and faster loading times. After identifying issues that caused poor performance under certain circumstances, Catch Software has now released a hotfix, Enterprise Tester 4.9.1.

In this hotfix, issues related to CPU usage when synchronizing with Atlassian’s JIRA defect-tracking software were addressed to provide better performance, and the synchronization process was optimized to reduce the overall synchronization time per cycle.

In addition to enhancements, Enterprise Tester 4.9.1 improves support for IE10 and adds support for IE11. IE10 will no longer need to run in compatibility mode as advised in the Enterprise Tester 4.9 release.

The full 4.9.1 release notes can be found here.

“We are committed to the continual improvement of Enterprise Tester to ensure that our customers get the best experience possible,” wrote product manager for Enterprise Tester Audrey Cheng on the company’s blog.

It is strongly recommended that those who already upgraded to 4.9 upgrade to 4.9.1. Enterprise Tester 4.9 will no longer be available for download as of this release.