Java developers choose Azul for real-time business apps

Developers building business applications often grapple with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) issues. Azul Systems focuses exclusively on Java and the JVM, offering fully supported, standards-compliant Java runtimes designed and optimized for today’s real-time business.

“Our business is all about supporting customers in truly mission-critical environments,” said Scott Sellers, president, CEO and co-founder of Azul Systems. “If you’re running your business or developing applications on Java, you can take advantage of the best JVMs on the market, excellent support, and excellent advice.”

Azul Systems was named to the 2014 SD Times 100 for its outstanding contributions to the DevOps and SCM category.

Avoid JVM-induced production issues with Azul’s Zing
Java developers building business applications have two choices: try and address JVM issues at the application layer or use a JVM built for the job.

Using Zing, financial services firms, real-time advertising auctions, wireless service providers, large online web sites, among many other use cases, have reduced peak latency by 100x or more without any other changes to their applications.

Earlier this year, Azul launched ReadyNow!, a Zing addition that solves Java’s “warm-up” problem, which is how long it takes a Java application to reach optimal performance levels once started. For example, in financial markets, the warm-up period can result in lost trading and profit opportunities at market open and during other unpredictable, volatile times of the market.

“ReadyNow! improves the way a just-in-time compiler works within the JVM,” said Sellers. “It dramatically reduces the time required to achieve peak system performance once the application is started. Most importantly it gives users the confidence that their Java systems will be at their peak performance in a much more predictable manner.”

Azul’s Zulu: Open-source JVM with unparalleled support
DevOps teams looking for a pure open source JVM with world-class support can choose Azul’s Zulu JVM. Zulu is Azul’s freely available, 100% open-source build of the OpenJDK JVM with enterprise-level support that enables businesses to run fully supported open-source Java on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS. Zulu is verified compliant with the Java SE specifications versions 6, 7 and 8 using the OpenJDK Community Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) as well as Azul’s rigorous QA processes.

“Zulu is the only commercialized multi-platform build of OpenJDK,” said Sellers. “Zulu is all about providing enterprises and Java users a compelling choice of Java platform that is freely available, 100% open-source based on OpenJDK, multi-platform, and standards compliant. Zulu users gain all the availability and flexibility advantages of a pure open-source solution combined with the stability, reliability and peace of mind of a fully supported, enterprise-class product.”

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