New Relic powers software analytics

Organizations use data to optimize online and mobile experiences as well as to make better business decisions. More than 100,000 New Relic customers are doing all of that faster, easier, and with greater flexibility than ever before. And the insights are transforming their businesses.

“We provide data about customer behavior and how they’re using the software as well as the state of the business,” said Jim Gochee, SVP of products at New Relic. “Our software analytics give you access to a different type of data than you have had before, and it gives you a new opportunity to look at the data differently.”

New Relic has become known for helping software development, DevOps and operations teams optimize digital properties and digital experiences. Lately, the company has expanded its offerings to business intelligence-like capabilities, which has led to the company to describe its entire family of products in a completely new category: software analytics. When every customer interaction is logged within the software, unlocking the right data helps companies understand how their app and their business is faring. With the expanded capabilities, New Relic enables operations teams, development teams and business professionals to make more agile decisions using real-time data.

New Relic is among the SD Times 100 for its disruptive innovations in the Big Data and Business Intelligence Category. For the second consecutive year, Gartner recognized New Relic as a market leader for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) in the Magic Quadrant APM 2013. IDC similarly named New Relic a leader in its 2013 MarketScape for Worldwide Production APM SaaS Vendor Analysis. In addition to APM, the New Relic product offerings now include New Relic Browser, New Relic Insights, New Relic Mobile, New Relic Platform, and New Relic Servers.

Introducing New Relic Insights
New Relic Insights is a real-time analytics platform that was announced as a public beta in March 2014, and was used by more than 6,000 customers. Now generally available, the platform allows businesses to quickly and easily answer important business questions. There is also a companion mobile app available for iPhone.

New Relics Insights collects, stores and presents valuable data directly from organizations’ software, and transforms the data into insights about their customers, applications, and the business. The new SaaS offering is built on New Relic’s custom-built Big Data database platform, empowering application developers, IT operations, and business users to make ad hoc and iterative queries across trillions of data points and metrics and get answers in about nine milliseconds.

“Businesses want to use data to make better decisions and to drive revenue, and they are discovering that their existing tools are not allowing them to do what they want,” said Gochee. “Many of these tools are purpose-built and very good at solving narrow problems, but it is very difficult to repurpose them as your needs change.”

New Relic Insights enabled E-commerce destination HauteLook to reduce its fulfillment downtime by more than 80 percent. Digital study brand Quizlet is using New Relic Insights to evaluate data in multiple areas of its business. So far, it has boosted conversion rates, improved its UI, and improved its working relationship with a content-distribution network provider.

Ensure great mobile experiences
Last year, New Relic also introduced the first real-time APM for mobile apps that provides end-to-end visibility from back-end services to individual devices. Customers are using it to improve the end-to-end user experience of native iOS and Android apps.

“We can tell you how users are engaging with your mobile application and what kind of performance and responsiveness they are getting,” said Gochee.

“It isn’t crash monitoring; it’s real-time health monitoring, which is important for mobile applications that connect to back-end services. If the back-end service has a bug, an outage, is partially available or something has happened to the Web service, it will affect mobile users.”

New Relic Mobile tracks user interactions, provides device-level insights and presents app performance metrics for iOS and Android. Like the platform, it supports custom metrics and events, and popular libraries and SDKs.

Get visibility into the entire application stack
New Relic Platform is an open platform that simplifies visibility into the entire application stack. There are more than 100 free plugins that extend the platform’s out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities, including Amazon Web Services, MySQL, and Rackspace Hosting. Now users can monitor all aspects of their production environments using a single interface.

“Our user-pluggable platform allows you to create and share plugins that monitor parts of your infrastructure that we don’t cover out of the box,” said Gochee. “This helps fill the visibility gaps customers may have had in their infrastructure and it makes the New Relic interface the one place to go to investigate and triage problems in your infrastructure, your application, and the relation between the two.”

New Relic Platform and all New Relic products offer mature enterprise features and support that enable new insights and more strategic types of optimization.

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