The most sought-after software development skills are Java, .NET, C++ and C#. Surprise, surprise., a technology job board, tallied up the terms hiring managers searched for when looking for prospective software developers, engineers and architects between Jan. 1 and April 15 of this year. The data, released as part of its trend report, “May 2014: The Creators,” shows that the in-demand skills still revolve around back-end programming and databases.

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The most popular search terms include:
2. .NET
3. C++
4. C#
5. Senior (Really, “Senior”? Dice could’ve filtered this list a bit more discerningly.)
6. SQL
8. C
9. Web (It looks as if that confounded Interwebs contraption wasn’t just a fad after all.)
10. Linux

The list numbers all the way to 40, but other notables include JavaScript at #12, Python at #14, HTML5 at #19, agile at #30, Android at #31, and iOS at #35.

The report points out that the skills may be misleading, as the list is only filtered by search volume, and identifies emerging trends such as wearables, the Internet of Things, drones and robotics. Still, the research shows that core skills like Java, .NET and C++ are still essential to organizations searching for software development talent.

“Many of these searches revealed employers’ need for longstanding, core technologies and a continued focus on providing basic services and maintaining existing infrastructure,” Dice president Shravan Goli said in the report.

The Dice report also breaks down the current market for available tech jobs through May 2014. For more information, read the full report.