With GDPR quickly approaching, Hackolade, the pioneer for data modeling for NoSQL and multi-model databases, today announced its Command Line Interface (CLI) to help companies with the pending GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulatory compliance (scheduled for May 25, 2018), along with overall corporate data governance needs.  Hackolade’s CLI is currently available for the following NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Couchbase, and DynamoDB, with Azure CosmosDB and others coming soon.

GDPR mandates compliance for personal data handling for any company within the European Union (EU) but also for companies (including companies in the U.S.) that have any business interaction or transaction within the EU; making this regulation a requirement for myriad organizations around the world.

In other words, companies with privacy-related data in NoSQL databases can now use Hackolade’s CLI to demonstrate proper handling with just a few steps: reverse-engineering their databases, identifying attributes and related fields, generating documentation, and daily monitoring to ensure compliance is being maintained.

Hackolade customers can leverage this CLI capability with a nightly batch process to identify attributes and structures that may have appeared in the data since the previous run.  During their nightly batch of the reverse-engineering function, a much larger dataset is queried as a basis for document sampling, making schema inference more precise.

Such capability is useful for Data Governance teams to create and maintain a thorough inventory of private data, properly document the semantics, and publish a complete data dictionary for end users.  Companies will find this a helpful tool to help them comply with GDPR and other regulations to show how personal data is processed and stored, and demonstrate what measures are implemented to limit exposure.

“With Hackolade, companies can identify and describe the purpose of data accumulated in NoSQL databases to demonstrate compliance,” said Pascal Desmarets, CEO of Hackolade.  “Hackolade embraces NoSQL and agile development, and our tool helps harvest their full benefits by bringing  discipline into data management, in a more bottom-up and non-intrusive way than traditional data modeling for relational databases.

“Hackolade’s Command Line Interface allows for the ex-post capability to analyze companies’ databases every night and discover structures that may have appeared the previous day, providing needed data modeling for GDPR, governance, and future regulatory requirements, while respecting the flexibility and freedom principles preferred by end users.”

Hackolade’s CLI is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows command and PowerShell.  To take full advantage of the capability, businesses can run the CLI from scheduled batch scripts.  A properly licensed copy of Hackolade is required to run the CLI, and the CLI functionality is only available in the Professional and Trial editions.